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Jun. 14th, 2007

For those of you who haven't seen already, we're doing a special project on SWG for July called Seven in '07. It seems that this year holds a special day--07/07/07--which got me thinking that all those sevens make it necessary to honor the House of Feanor.

So we've decided to do a compilation of creative work that will accompany a history of each member of the House of Feanor. The Feanorians have certainly inspired their share of creativity among fans of The Silmarillion, and we hope to acknowledge this. Generally, I steer away from Feanorians on SWG because they tend to overshadow the other characters ... and the authors who write about other characters. But in July, we're embracing everything Feanorian!

As part of the Seven in '07 project, though, we are collecting creative work related to the Feanorians. We are looking for short fiction, poetry, artwork, and excerpts of longer works. The full details are available on the Seven in '07 page on the website. The due date is Sunday, 24 June, and yes, that is very close. Unfortunately, I have to have it that way because I don't know how much Internet/computer access I will have around the time we are scheduled to move, so I'd like to have the whole project completed and ready to upload by the time moving day arrives.

But Feanorian fans on Ye Flist, I am begging, pleading, and cajoling for Feanorian-related writing and artwork to include in this project. Even one or two things would be wonderful ... though I'm not going to say no to one hundred either! We're going to make our best effort to put something up from everyone who sends something into us, so no fears about your efforts being in vain. But since part of the purpose of the project is to show the diverse creativity inspired by this group of Elves, the more authors and artists represented, the better!

As usual, you all are welcome to email me ( or comment here if you have any questions or want to suggest something to be included.
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