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Mar. 30th, 2014

It has been pouring rain all weekend, miserable and nasty. Throughout it all, my refrain has been, "At least it's not snow!" Lol. *cry*

About 45 minutes ago, Bobby and I left to go to the gym. It was pouring rain with a little sleet mixed in. The temperature was 38F/3C. Forty-five minutes later, this is our front yard.

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I am rather blue and blah at the moment; it is pouring rain outside (at least it's not snow?*) and the wind is howling something fierce. I'm wrapping up my contribution to the B2MeM review award grand prize banners, trying to think of how to represent mithril seasonally, and feeling like wasting some time but not on something completely fruitless. Anyway. There is a rather interesting discussion going on over of Oshun's LiveJournal (it's f-locked, so I won't link) concerning B2MeM, which morphed into the inevitable discussion of format preference that sometimes feels to me like it is one of the great insurmountable dichotomies of our age. Sharks or Jets? Bears or Packers? Grunge or rap? (Yes, I spent my formative adolescent years in the '90s.) New York-style or Chicago-style? Daily prompts or omg-anything-but-daily-prompts-for-the-love-of-god-please?

* Never mind.

What I find interesting about this annual discussion is what it reveals about us as writers. Creative Navel-gazing Ahoy )

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