August 2017

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The weekend before last was peak leaf weekend in the Northeast Kingdom. Unfortunately, because things usually work this way, after weeks of perfect weather, it was rather cloudy and gray, which didn't make for the best conditions for photography. But I went out despite and took a walk down the road I live off of to photograph the leaves.

I live in a rather unusual place, as far as what one thinks of as stereotypical Vermont. Coventry is situated in a valley, with the Green Mountains to the west and the so-called Eastern Highlands (the mountains enclosing Lake Willoughby) to the east. The road I live off runs alongside the Barton River, so the ecosystem is largely wetlands rather than the mountains and forests that come to mind as Vermont's typical landscape. However, it is exceptionally beautiful: The river is calm and a near-perfect mirror of the surrounding landscape and sky, winding through tall grass with the occasional tree. I've been wanting to photograph the river for a while, and peak weekend seemed the ideal time to do it.

As usual, clicking on a picture shows it full-sized. This is especially relevant for looking at panoramas on LiveJournal.

 photo 20161008_164910_zpsr5sun6nk.jpg

 photo 20161008_165436_zpsvbrrwov5.jpg

 photo 20161008_165757_zpsmqrdabmv.jpg

 photo 20161008_170434_zpsjrbuiiiq.jpg

 photo 20161008_170628_zps5gaspqiu.jpg

 photo 20161008_170827_zpsktz4uvzi.jpg

 photo 20161008_171043_zpsdyvbcoo1.jpg

 photo 20161008_171234_zpsvrgnkdib.jpg

 photo 20161008_171242_zps7c7mzygl.jpg

 photo 20161008_171340_zpsoqoy2a0t.jpg

 photo 20161008_171409_zpsbln06en4.jpg

 photo 20161008_171454_zpsn1ouleno.jpg

 photo 20161008_171529_zpsy9bqkbca.jpg

 photo 20161008_171852_zps60jdao63.jpg

 photo 20161008_172144_zps6mdiayab.jpg

 photo 20161008_173153_zps6dmhuxp7.jpg

 photo 20161008_173216_zpsquodxtoy.jpg

 photo 20161008_173320_zpsal66boso.jpg
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