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I participated in Sultry in September this year, and it was my very first ficswap. That seems kind of crazy, as I have been playing in this fandom for eight years, but I usually can't commit absolutely to getting anything done that isn't related to teaching, grad school, or the SWG, and of course, absolute commitment is a requirement for a ficswap. With the summer more or less free this year, I decided to do SinS and am glad that I did.

First of all, I want to pimp like crazy Zeen's Be more cruel, Love, and so be kind, the story that was written for me. I requested Finrod/Caranthir in a story that included an explanation of the hatred between their houses. Zeen's story is everything I could have wanted and then some. It is poignant and dramatic and erotic, and it is very funny in places, so much that I lol'ed quite a bit while Bobby was fixing supper tonight. It was one of those stories where you look at the word count, think, "Oh, I'm going to be a while reading this," and then it's over way too soon. I could have read a novel's worth of her characters and her vision of Valinor. Go read it!

I've also posted my own, for Urloth, The Sovereign and the Priest. You nerds of English usage might have noted the italics ... yes, it ended up 40,000+ words, safely in the territory of a novella. Go ahead and throw rotten things at me. I know I am long-winded and an overachiever. ;)

Anyway, here is the summary:

Long ago in Valinor, Finrod and Celegorm faced opposing expectations, one a symbol of Eldarin potential and the other abandoned to a life of leisure, and neither fully certain of his place among the Noldor. Now, after the Dagor Bragollach, their fates collide when Celegorm and Curufin, fleeing the destruction of their realm, take harbor in Nargothrond. As both work to mend the myriad hurts between their houses, each discovers a secret about the other and, most surprising of all, the desire that grows between them. But as each of their oaths begin to call, their growing love might not survive the inevitability of their fates.

This is very much an adult story (Finrod/Celegorm) and also contains elements of dubious consent, so if either of those are likely to bother you, you'll probably want to skip this one.

The Sovereign and the Priest is on the SWG and AO3.

Almost caught up! Still more drabble-type things, written on a somewhat daily basis.

Finwë, upon returning to his people from Valinor, ponders the difficulty of putting into words what he has seen. I've gone for a slightly surreal feel here in hopes of maybe conveying what it was like for the early Elves, dwelling in a world where so many things are new to them and there is much still to understand. This is a tribble, 300 words.

Words to Tell )

Morgoth attempts to persuade Maedhros into encouraging his brothers' surrender. Please be forewarned that this piece contains torture and violence, nothing graphic, but possibly bothersome to some readers.

This piece is a drabunculus. As far as I know, I invented the drabunculus form; at the very least, I invented the name drabunculus. Drabunculus is like homunculus: It is a single drabble with drabbles inside of it. In this particular piece, each number of the count (One, Two, Three) marks the start of a new drabble, a new introspection from Nelyo. The "container" of these three drabbles is also a drabble, bringing the word count for the piece to exactly 400 words.

It's not a particularly easy form to write, and I always swear that each drabunculus will be my last. But the form seemed well suited for this particular piece, so I brought it out again.

This is going to be the last, though. ;)

Persuasion in Three Drops )

This is one of those double-purpose series again. It is first--like all of the ficlets and series here so far--inspired in part by the word of the day. It is also a birthday gift for Anglachel in response to her request on HASA for a story about a building.

I've chosen Fëanor's house in Formenos. I will make a quick note on canon interpretation before offering the story. In the Felakverse that I use for my stories, Formenos did exist before Fëanor used it as a fortress for hiding his treasures. It began as a mining town that developed a reputation for serving as a safe haven for craftsmen with extraordinary talent and eccentric tendencies. Hence Fëanor's attraction to it. He spent summers here for many years before his exile from Tirion; hence his decision to live and store his treasures there during his banishment.

The note that Formenos was built after Fëanor's exile was made my Christopher Tolkien, and I don't consider it canon as I have never found writings from J.R.R. Tolkien backing it up. The word Formenos does mean "northern fortress," and that is the only--and rather flimsy, in my opinion--evidence behind CT's addition to the index that I have found.

So here are three drabbles and three double-drabbles about Fëanor's house in Formenos. Happy birthday, Anglachel!

ETA: This ficlet became immensely popular after I first posted it on my daily drabble on SWG and on the birthday-card forum on HASA. It's one of my favorites too, though, so I'm not complaining!

The House of Unexpected Light )

A silly little ficlet in 700 words. Celegorm gets stuck in a window, and Caranthir helps him out. Featuring hedgehogs, neglected laundry duty, and a bit of bathroom humor … literally. You've been warned.

How Carnistir Fixed the Towel Rack )

Just after Fëanor's birth, before Míriel's condition is revealed, Finwë is tormented by unease. A perfect hundred-word drabble.

Nonsense )

The attempt to back up all of my daily drabbles on my LJ continues. I know that these are not new for most of my flist; for those who might read them for the first time, I hope you enjoy!

My daily-drabble project is on SWG here. It's updated daily ... more or less. ;)

On the way to Alqualondë, Fëanor thinks on the Silmarils. It has always been my private theory that part of Fëanor's obsessive pursuit came with the association of the theft of the Silmarils with Finwë's murder, almost as though to resolve the first would also resolve the second. This drabble explores this idea.

Longing for Light )

Today is Friday the 13th, and today's word deals with a phobia more irrational than most (and phobias are inherently irrational). So today's tribble--exactly 300 words--deals with what appears at first glance to be borne of paranoia and irrationality, a misgiving that leads to the creation of the Silmarils. This idea is expressed in The Silmarillion:

In that time were made those things that afterwards were most renowned of all the works of the Elves. For Fëanor, being come to his full might, was filled with a new thought, or it may be that some shadow of foreknowledge came to him of the doom that drew near; and he pondered how the light of the Trees, the glory of the Blessed Realm, might be preserved imperishable.
Irrational )

Fëanor, it seems, has taken over the daily drabble. Today's tribble again features him, but when the Word of the Day means "fruitful and productive," then who else but Fëanor comes to mind?

I've always believed that Fëanor was a difficult, demanding father but nonetheless adoring of his children. In fact, I spent an entire novel developing this idea. Today's piece looks at the same in the more reasonable length of 300 hundred words.

But a Stone )

Today's word is a funny one, so I've made an attempt at a humor piece. Celegorm cleans his room, in 200 words.

Housecleaning )

Today's tribble (300 words) is dual-purposed. For one, it is inspired by the Word of the Day, bibelot. For another, it is dedicated with fondest wishes to Cheryl, who asked for a birthday drabble called "Wet Elves." Well, it's only one wet Elf and I've chosen a different title, but I hope that it suffices. Happy birthday, my dear!

Eärwen watches her soon-to-be husband construct a special gift for her on the beach of Alqualondë.

Love in Pearls (a.k.a. Wet Elves) )

The Small and Secret Things is my daily-drabble project on SWG, based on the Word of the Day. Because I really should have these things saved somewhere other than SWG (as, indeed, I preach to SWG members about their own work), then I am putting them up here as well. Hopefully, every few days, I'll be able to catch up and post a few more.

The betrothal of Arafinwë and Eärwen. I tried here to capture the languor of Alqualondë in contrast to Arafinwë's restless anxiety at waiting for Eärwen's reply. This was tough ... in just 100 words!

Evening in Alqualondë )

Maedhros on standing up to Fëanor about burning the ships at Losgar. This moment has always had significance to me, for it is the first indication of Maedhros's understanding of the need--and power--of unity between the Noldor. Yet it also is the first proof of how the strife between the princes of the Noldor will forever damn their quest against Morgoth. It is a portent of many things to come.

The Failure of Logic )

Fingolfin tries to understand his half-brother's elusive affection. I have tried to use my "Nolofinwë voice" for this one: economical and to-the-point, focusing on physical (versus emotional) observations.

I totally blame Fëanáro for making him that way. ;)

A Study of Curufinwë )

I've never been a huge fan of the Valar, but I have always (oddly) possessed a weak spot for Námo "Named After My Halls" Mandos. It is always fun to try to get into the mind of someone strong (or cruel) enough to bear seeing the future and knowing that he can do nothing about it. Here, he watches the Eldar arrive in Aman.

The Venerated )

A double-drabble where Celegorm remembers his friendship with Oromë before he swears the Oath of the Fëanorians. I often ponder which son went first and which went last; in my mind, I often change their roles and try to develop the motives for each choice. It could make an interesting series of stories someday. In the meanwhile, it's a fun characterization exercise at least!

Torchlight )
As many of you know, my holiday story project for 2006 is to write thirty-one (at least) series of fixed-length ficlets based on the requests and preferences of friends. Because I have been away since December 1st, I am a bit behind on posting, so I am going to post the first five days all at once.

Additionally, this series will be posted at HASA (members' side) and the Pit of Voles.

This first drabble series “Curiosity” was written for Angaloth, who I know fancies Fëanor and Nerdanel above all others. It is a series of three hundred-word drabbles about what might have first inspired their love…and led to their demise.

This series contains some very mild sexuality but should be suitable for teenaged and adult audiences.

Curiosity )

This series is for [ profile] ladyelleth, who asked about how Nerdanel and Fëanor perceived their strange fourth-born son Caranthir. In the Felakverse that I use in the majority of my stories, Caranthir has the special gift of osanwë—or mind-speak—and perceives people interestingly as a result. While he remains dark and strange, his special gift also gives him extraordinary insight into the hearts and minds of those closest to him. This series of four double-drabbles explores this idea.

Strange )

“Effortless” was written for [ profile] angelica_ramses. Earlier this year, we had a conversation about my character of Maedhros (Nelyo) in my stories Another Man’s Cage and “Essecarmë” and his quiet strength that I have tried to capture in these stories. While Maedhros has done his share of noble deeds, equally important—and probably more difficult—was the task of reuniting the Noldor and playing damage control for his little brothers.

Yet the conundrum always arises that what is most skillfully done seems to be most easily done. This series of four drabbles explores this idea, from the point of view of Maglor.

For readers unfamiliar with my other stories, Vingarië is Maglor’s wife.

Effortless )

This series of three double-drabbles was written for Ellfine, who is a fellow Finarfinatic and believes—as I do—that he was not the wimpy, soft-hearted king of fanon lore. “Sense of Swords” follows Finarfin through his decision to travel to Middle-earth at the end of the First Age to join his people in fighting Morgoth. The line about this in The Silmarillion is rather ambiguous about whether he joined the other Noldor in this battle, but I like to think that he did.

Sense of Swords )

My dear friend [ profile] rhapsody11 adores Celegorm and Maglor, so gifts for her always involve trying to fit them together into a story. In “Of Love, Mischief, and Flowery Prose,” young Celegorm realizes the gravity of the pranks that he plays on his older brother Maglor and seeks atonement for his misdeeds.

The relationship that might have existed between these two contrary brothers is a source of endless speculation for me “Of Love, Mischief, and Flowery Prose” is set during the same year as my novel Another Man’s Cage, so Celegorm is equivalent to a seven-year-old and Maglor is a young adolescent. The ficlet is a quibble, so it is exactly five hundred words.

Happy Sinterklaas, Rhapsody, and thank you for all that you do!

Of Love, Mischief, and Flowery Prose )
First of all,

Happy Birthday, [ profile] rhapsody11!!!

May this one and all after be as special as you deserve! :)

For Rhapsody's birthday, I challenged myself to write a story involving her two favorite Fëanorians, Maglor and Celegorm. In all of my stories about the Fëanorians, I don't think that I have a single interaction between these two that counts as truly significant. When Celegorm is young, Maglor tends not to like him; when the brothers get older, their allegiances vary, and Celegorm relies more on his younger brothers while Maglor turns to Maedhros. At least, this is the Felak!verse. But it means that they are rarely together in any way that puts them both--and their relationship--at the center of a story.

So it was quite a challenge to get the two of them together in a story that felt like it had some sort of significance without being contrived. The result came to me the other day, in the shower of all places, where laptops cannot go. No mind...I put the story aside, worked on it mentally in the days that followed, and when I finally committed it to paper on Monday, it took only three hours to write. It takes place sometime very soon after the ending of AMC; it will likely serve as one of the short stories that connects AMC to whatever ginormous project follows it. The story is safe for all audiences, and as usual, any comments readers wish to offer are appreciated.

I hope that you enjoy your story, Rhapsy, and best wishes to you for a happy day!

As a personal side note, I am not dead or anything like that or even attempting to behave more like a heathen than usual. Our network is still down at work, denying me all Internet access, including email. I'm trying to grab moments between RL obligations to read and write emails and LJ comments. It may take me a few days to catch up with emails and comments, but I will! In the meantime, thanks for your patience. :)

In the Town Called Acceptance )
Word of the Day for 30 March 2006--benignant )

The past few days, I have done serious drabbles bordering on depressing. But given today's word--and today's mood--I can't do that. After all, I get to leave work in a mere forty-five minutes and don't have to be back in my cell office until Monday. So it's high time for a light, fluffy, fun, happy drabble. Actually, double drabble. (If I'm going to break the mold, why not break it big time?)

Continuing the Tradition )
A rather ridiculous conversation between Tux, Jenni, and I inspired this next story. Tux asked for a longish one-shot of Celegorm/Oromë humor. Fëanor gets lost in the woods and has a bit of a misunderstanding about the antics of his third son with a certain Vala....

Just to be safe, I'm giving this story an adult warning for shameless innuendo and naked!Celegorm.

Fëanor's Mistake )
[ profile] rhapsody11 missed my initial invitation to request stories, but already, I had in mind that I would write something for her, because she posted a holiday wish list, and one of the items was a request for holiday-themed stories.

So here's my best attempt at a nice story that includes both Feanorians and holiday themes, as Celegorm ponders gifts given and received on the journey north to Araman.

May you get all your wishes and more. :)

The Gift )
Uli asked for a happy holiday story rife with blood and gore, more specifically, the death of the 3C Feanorian sons and the desertion of Elured and Elurin in Doriath. And so here is your (slightly bloodied up) holiday story, my dear! I hope you enjoy. :)

(Do I need to post a warning for blood and gore? Since it's a bloody/gory story about a kinslaying. Okay, just to keep the people happy: Please be aware that this story contains blood and violence yadda yadda yadda.)

Mercy )
Jenni asked for a story involving grown up Celegorm in a romantic heterosexual relationship. With sex. Hott sex.

I must say that I love friends who ask for Elf pr0n for Christmas!

Set after the fall of Nargothrond, Celegorm returns to a Himring that buzzes with shameful rumor. Amidst this, though, he finds the most unlikely haven of comfort.

And, to quote Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that. If you want to know more, you have to read the story.

Oh, and [ profile] tarion_anarore, I believe that you volunteered to be one of the women in this story? Just let me know which one.... ;^P

Do I really need to put a warning on this story? The fact that it was requested by Jenni should be the first clue. If you don't know Jenni, the presence of hott sex and the implication that more than one woman is involved should be the second. Still, if you're that dense, this story is rated for adults only for reasons of graphic sexual content.

Tales Unheard )
I wrote this piece for fun, about a year ago, while feeling frisky and more than a little satirical. It is still a work in progress--although, honestly, I haven't worked on it in months--but I hope to resume it sometime soon. If you can't bear to not know the ending...well, read The Silmarillion because it is basically a retelling of the whole Nargothrond fiasco, only in overwrought, syrupy prose with a touch of stupidity.

As always, I appreciate any and all comments on my work. Or just read and enjoy!

Author's Prologue )
Chapter 1: Finrod Has Visitors )
Chapter 2: Celegorm and Curufin Lounge in Nargothrond )
Chapter 3: Nargothrond Reigns )
Chapter 4: Finrod Finds Celebrimbor )
Chapter 5: Finrod Meets with Orodreth )
Chapter 6: Celegorm and Curufin Take a Walk )
Chapter 7: Celebrimbor Speaks at Council )