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This thing, which is technically a response to the SWG's "Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song" challenge (using the Smashing Pumpkins' song "Thirty-Three" that was in fact an Important Song to the nascent love story of Dawn and Bobby Felagund), got out of control because it was also inspired in myriad ways by the Mereth Aderthad, most obviously [personal profile] grundyscribbling's idea of the Feanorian Family Vacation and [personal profile] hrymfaxe's request for fail!sex. It ended up *gulp* 15,000 words, which probably means that just my hardcore readers will bother with it, but at least it was fun (if long!) to write. Here is the Official SummaryTM from the SWG archive:

Against Maedhros's wishes, Fingon is off to a summer retreat in the mountains, a retreat designed by the Valar for newly reembodied Elves. Amid games of kickball and group therapy, Fingon makes a friend, discovers the Noldor haven't actually invented everything, and begins to grasp the complexities of his post-reembodiment relationship with Maedhros. Maedhros/Fingon, set in my Republic of Tirion verse.

I am just posting it to the SWG for now: Swans. I will likely cross-post it later this weekend; preparing a 15K-word story for posting is tedious and I'm ready to be done with it for tonight!

I also finally created a series for these Fifth-Age stories I've been writing lately--Republic of Tirion--so they're all in one place and in order.
This story was based on a plotbunny thrown on my plotbunny post by avanti_90, who requested "Fingon and Finarfin after Alqualondë." While walking on the beach after discovering what was done at Alqualondë, Finarfin finds his nephew Fingon, distraught and trying to wash the blood from his clothes. Always the peacekeepers in their family, both find their allegiances torn and have to make decisions in the days to come of where their loyalties will lie.

I rated this story Teens on the SWG for reason of mature themes and some violence. You can also read it on the SWG. As always, all comments are welcome and appreciated.

Oh yeah and ...

Season of Writing Dangerously 2013 Impetuous Participant

... now I get to join the club with the other Impetuous Participants for the Season of Writing Dangerously! :)

Threads )
"Toys in the Hall" was written for the 2010 Remix Challenge on the archive Many Paths to Tread. The story remixes Levade's story This Ereinion, which explores how Círdan must have felt upon learning that he was to foster Fingon's young son, Ereinion. My remix looks at this same situation from Ereinion's perspective, drawing on a detail from Levade's story in which Círdan realizes exactly what he's into when he discovers that his young charge has left the normally tidy hall strewn with toys. Here is the summary of my remix:

Young Ereinion once sent his father Fingon to bed for a week with a poorly placed toy and learned much about his father as a result. Now, with Fingon dead, his people at war, and his world upended, Ereinion tries a similar tactic to learn something about his new foster-father, Círdan.

The story is rated solidly General with no warnings aside from my usual penchant for taking a lighthearted story and making it dark and dreary.

Toys in the Hall )

These small stories are for [ profile] rinnor, who said, "I'd like to see a story about forgiveness among the Noldor in Aman. Since they're an immortal people, and tribal, I imagine that social pressure would push both parties to resolve their differences, but that's my interpretation ... Whereas mortals can take a grudge to the grave, how does an immortal come to terms with a grievance against another, when s/he is likely to see the other party, well, forever."

This was a wonderfully thought-provoking challenge, one that I thought I could tackle two ways: in a novella (or longer) or as a series of shorter pieces. Needless to say, for now, I had to choose the latter. :)

Therefore, what follows are three fixed-length ficlets, each about a different kind of forgiveness among the Noldor. (Though only two take place in Aman ... I hope you can forgive me!) This series is a nice safe General rating on SWG, and I have no particular warnings to offer for any of these.

Young Fëanáro is confronted by his father about his biggest flaw: his inability to find forgiveness for his new half-brother. A quibble (500 words).

Unforgiving )

Maitimo learns from his baby brother about loss, pride, and forgiveness. A quadrabble (400 words).

Broken )

Nolofinwë on why even the most grievous deeds must be forgiven. 700 words.

The Spiderweb )

More Drabbles

Dec. 27th, 2006 09:47 pm
dawn_felagund: Skeleton embracing young girl (Default)
For [ profile] heartofoshun is a strange quibble featuring a possibly-crazy Maglor, a decidedly weird Maedhros, and a lifetime of memories that might explain why Maglor chose the fate that he did.

Evidence Of )

For my dear friend Jenni are three double-drabbles about her two favorite Elves. Jenni requested Fingon and Caranthir, together. Not in that way…unless I wanted that, of course. Jenni, being one of the few people who I will unequivocally agree has a dirtier mind than me, certainly would not mind.

Well, odd pairings are always a fun challenge, so I went for it. Hence, this is a slash story. Not a graphic slash story but slash all the same. Therefore, it is not advisable to read it if you object to slash.

Spent on Joy )
“Shattered” is a series of three double-drabbles about the relationship between Fëanor and Finwë, a relationship that is characterized by a charming blend of betrayal and obsessive love and culminates in exiles, heretic oaths, and kinslaying. This series is dedicated to [ profile] aramel_calawen, who understands as well as anyone the power of angsty Finwions.

Shattered )

For [ profile] mirien is a quadrabble about hatred between two cousins. And passion.

This story is set just before Fëanor’s exile and is about the relationship that might have existed at this time between Maedhros and Fingon. It was written to have two meanings. If you take the first meaning, at face value, then it is simply a dark story about friendship turned to animosity.

If you choose to look at it from the second angle, then that “animosity” was spurred by a different sort of passion.

This is a slash story. If you do not like slash, do us both a favor and skip this one. It is not graphic, but it is dark and not for the faint of heart.

Hatred )
I had all intentions of doing a four-drabble series on Monday and catching up from there, but alas, real life intervened. Between dealing with my car and an unexpected shower of warrants from the Warrant Gods and trying to finish my hubby's ghost story in time for his birthday, the drabble went the way of the dodo. Then yesterday's word was "cum." Cum! No, not meant in that way, but it's not a word I was willing to use in a drabble. Call me crazy. But today's word is simply too good to pass up. So consider this the resurrection (again) of the daily drabble.

Word of the Day for 6 April 2006--hobbledehoy )

This day's drabble is Maedhros and Fingon. In a friendly context, people! (Jenni and Alina, I can see your raised eyebrows and hear you thinking, "I just bet they were friendly!") You're welcome to interpret any subtext that you want, but I meant it as "friendly" in the non-nefarious sense, for once. Really.

This after I noticed a typo in the earlier paragraph: "This day's drabble is Maedhros in Fingon." Just low blood sugar. Nothing nefarious. Really.

Reunion )
Eni asked for grown-up Maedhros, Maglor, and Fingon (with a slash pairing if I/they wanted it), with one happy moment and one naughty-but-nice moment (het or slash), with a cameo by a bumblebee and extra points for the inclusion of a bowl of cherries.

Whew! I think I managed all that!

I am giving this story an adult rating for all that naught-but-nice action going on there. I should mention that there is a heterosexual pairing (Maglor/OFC) and discussion of slash (but nothing graphic on that front. Hey, this is my first mention of slash evah in a story, so I think I deserve some credit for that! ;^D)

In this tale, Magor's wife Vinagarië discovers the true nature of her brother-in-law's relationship with his cousin. I'm leaving it at that.... ;^)

Discovering Love )

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