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Wow, what a night. What a game. My heart was pounding for most of the night. Bobby and I hosted the party for this one, and we had a great time. Pictures below the jump!

Super Bowl Champs!!! )
The Ravens are Super Bowl champs! Wow, what a game ... I think I lost at least a month off my life but neither Kapaernik nor injuries nor a 35-minute power outage could keep us down!

Pictures and details to follow tomorrow--the trophy's being presented now. So excited! :D

ETA: Go O's! :D

ETA2: Joe Flacco's the game MVP. Maybe now people will take him seriously??
Well, it's official! The Ravens are off to their second Super Bowl, against the San Francisco 49ers, in two weeks!

\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

Last night, they solidly beat the Patriots in Foxborough, 28-13, to win the AFC Championship. This was much-needed after last year's should've-been-a-victory, same team, same place. Baltimore is going wild! Here is Federal Hill last night, after the Ravens won.

 photo Ravens-fed-hill_zpsc1d73428.jpg

This playoffs preceded much like 2000's championship season did. Football Rambling Not Likely to Be Interesting to Most People )

We watched the game over my inlaws' house. Even my dad watched it! :^O We brought the Goldens but won't make that mistake again; Lancelot, a.k.a. Phil, has become afraid of loud cheering and spent most of the evening trying to climb into various people's laps. He's small for a Golden, but 68 lbs. is still too heavy for a lap dog. My Ray Lewis jersey is worn beyond recognition, so I wore my McNair jersey. (I had a moment of stupid superstition of the kind oft-practiced during football viewing if it was poor luck to wear the jersey of a dead player, but I adored McNair when he played for the Titans, adored him even more when he played for us, and so scolded myself for silliness and wore it anyway. Ghost!Steve, it seems, did bring us luck. Having been folded in a drawer for years now [I actually lost it for a while], ghost!Steve will definitely be getting some mileage in the weeks to come.) Every time we scored a touchdown, I did Steve's touchdown ... whatever that is.

 photo steve-mcnair_zps04dac07f.jpg

Luckily, I had lots of occasions to do that!

If I know Bal'more from 2000, the next few weeks will be wild. Strings of purple lights, purple spotlights, and Ravens car flags have already made their appearance. We saw our first Ravens tent in Hanover on Saturday; in 2000, a big deal was made because just about every gas station had a Ravens tent selling unauthorized merchandise on the corner. This is of course an extra huge occasion since Ray Lewis has the chance to make his last game a Super Bowl victory. What could be a better retirement gift for someone who has done so much for this city? Go Ravens!
The Ravens went into today's playoff game against Denver, in Denver, as severe underdogs. No one but the Bal'more diehard thought they had a snowball's chance. Well, after a nail-biter of a game that involved four tied scores and went into a second overtime session, the Ravens won with a field goal in said second overtime, 38-35. WOOHOO! That was one of the best games I've ever watched.

And it's Ray Lewis's retirement year; Ray Lewis who came to us as a rookie in the Ravens' very first season and who has been such a symbol of strength and success not only for the Ravens but for all of Baltimore. Even if we don't win next week, that's a helluva last season. But I think they may want it enough this year. We might just be headed back to the Festivus Maximus!
When the Ravens went to the Super Bowl in 2001, Tony "the Goose" Siragusa famously coined it Festivus Maximus. Well, it looks like there won't be any purple pain at this year's Festivus Maximus. The Ravens lost to the Patriots in this afternoon's AFC Championship, 20-23.

And they should have won. Among the final plays of the game were a dropped pass in the endzone and a missed 32-yard field goal attempt that would have tied the game and taken it to overtime. The Ravens outplayed the Pats (game stats here); even Joe Flacco put up better numbers than Tom Brady, which is crazy-like-whoa (although Joe also didn't have to face down the Ravens' defense). But when it counted, poor play calls were made and key plays went sour.

This really looked like a good year for us and, with our team aging, who knows when we'll get so good a chance again. If I had a beer, I'd totally be crying in it right now.
Bobby just got off the phone with my parents. During the conversation, my dad informed him that he'd been offered by his workplace ...

tickets to this past Sunday's playoff game
in the Skybox
on the 50-yard line.

And he turned them down.

He said to Bobby, "That wouldn't have interested you, would it?"


No. No, Dad, no, that wouldn't have interested us at all!!!!


Sorry, for the excessive exclamation points and general symbology but, as I just told Bobby, barring the chance that I become a famous author or one of us does something really awesome that makes us rich and famous, that might well have been the coolest game we would have ever attended.
[personal profile] pandemonium_213, it's on like Donkey Kong! ;)

The Ravens won the Divisional Playoff this afternoon against the Houston Texans. It was not as easy of a win as Ravens' fans would have liked, but the Texans are a tough and up-and-coming team with the second best defense in the league. The Ravens took the lead early, and the Texans inched closer and closer throughout the game; it definitely kept us on the edges of our seats! The deciding factor--as is often the case, especially during playoff games--was turnovers: The Texans had four, and we had none. The Texans played a helluva game and made us look pretty stupid at times, but we capitalized on those turnovers and ended up coming away with the win, 20-13.

Since the Patriots plastered the Broncos last night, we will play them in New England next week for the AFC Championship. Everyone's now kinda shuffling their feet and pulling faces because the Patriots have won ... how many Super Bowls in recent years? I've lost count. It's a lot. But. We've beaten the Patriots the last two times we played them. We've beaten them in a playoff game in New England before. They have the second worst regular-season defense in the NFL and we have the third best (the Texans were second best; the Steelers--whom we beat twice this year--were first), and as the old saying goes: Defense wins Super Bowls. So there is reason to hope.

After the game, my f-i-l asked, "So, do you think that was an ugly win?" Well, yeah sure, I said, but we won a Super Bowl once before with a whole season of ugly wins (going five games without a touchdown at one point); this has always been how we play, and it seems to work for us, so I'm fine with "ugly" so long as I can follow it with "win."

ETA: And now the Giants have upset the Packers, so the NFC Championship will be 49ers versus Giants. If the Ravens can pull off a win next week, that means that, no matter what, the Super Bowl match-up will be an interesting one for us. If we play the 49ers, our head coach John Harbaugh will be pitted against his brother, who is the head coach of the 49ers. If we play the Giants (Gi'nts, if you want to say it with a Balmore accent ;), then we will duplicate our 2001 Super Bowl match-up ... that we won, I might add.
Last night, I finished the big research paper on Beowulf that I've been writing for grad school. I finished it two weeks and one day before it was due--woohoo! I worked my butt off over winter break to make that possible, in hopes that I will actually have some spare time during January before my next class starts in February. (That spare time will probably be eaten up by getting ready for Back to Middle-earth Month, but such is life!) And I'm really pleased with the paper too.

Second good thing: the Broncos beat the Steelers tonight! w0000000t! Yes, I know there are nice Steelers' fans out there, but in our area, they're almost universally obnoxious. Case in point: Bobby went snowboarding today, so we went out to the Greene Turtle to grab dinner when he got home and to catch the end of the game. Per usual, there were a handful of Steelers' fans there. Now I'm all for cheering and celebrating when one's team does something nifty, but shrieking at the top of one's lungs at every good play the Steelers make is a bit over-the-top for me. As is making loud statements like, "Suckit, Ravens' fans!" in a restaurant while people are eating. Anyway, Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas made short work of overtime after the Steelers tied it up near the end of the game; Tebow threw a gorgeous pass that Thomas ran 80 yards down to end the game. I had just been complaining about the seemingly unnecessarily convoluted new NFL overtime rules (they actually do make sense; I just like complaining about the NFL), but I stopped complaining after that. So I'm a newly minted Tim Tebow fan, but that will be short-lived, I promise. I have no problem with people believing in a personal god (so long as they respect my right not to) but do think people who believe said personal god gives a woof about the outcome of a football game to be rather foolish.

The Ravens play the Texans next Sunday at home. I think things look really good for us. 1) We are more than a season undefeated at home. 2) We are undefeated this season against every team we played with a winning record. 3) We are undefeated in our division, which is the hardest division in the NFL. (Three of four teams in the division made the playoffs.)

Okay, off to watch a documentary about bees--woo! What an exciting life!
The Ravens played their first game tonight and inaugurated this season's Monday Night Football as well against the Jets. Bobby and I met my inlaws at the Green Turtle to have copious amounts of junk food and beer* for dinner and watch the game. It was a good game--a close game! The Ravens edged in a victory 10-9, but they looked really good. (It should have been a much higher score but for three stupid turnovers in the first half, including one on their very first offensive play.) The defense looked solid, and the offense was pulling off stuff that the Ravens--historically a defensive team--never manage. I think they converted something like 9 of 12 third downs, which they never do.

*Not me. I was the designated driver. I did indulge in the junk food, though.

I am perpetually annoyed by the NFL, and it's such a stupid thing to waste my anger on that I've stopped following football for the most part. I spent many a Sunday afternoon, once upon a time, "studying" while also watching the Ravens on television. Now, I catch part of at most two or three regular season games. But I really did have fun tonight, even if the anxiety of the last few minutes of play probably peeled ten minutes off of my life.
The Terminally Busy Life of Dawn Felagund )
Random! )
Perhaps because it is Monday and I am tired from shifting back to my normal nocturnal schedule over the weekend or maybe because I'm PMSing, things have just been getting on my nerves lately. Now I could grumble about my coworkers and their inability to use technology that's been prevalent since the '80s or the way that Maryland drivers drive when they perceive that there might be snow nearby ("like OMG it's piled all next to the road!") or any number of small things, but I'm choosing instead to write about some thoughts that have been on my mind lately about sports, religion, and escapism and how they intersect.

So, yes, I'm ranting. Hopefully not incoherently but ranting all the same. And since it does not always seem to be clear that my journal contains my opinions, then please be forewarned that my journal contains my opinions. You're welcome to disagree but please do try to be civil about it.

Best Served with a Can of Worms.... )
Because I've spent the day dividing my attention between catching up on beta-work and watching football, I lack the coherence to string together, like, actual paragraphs....

Life in Points )
This entry was written over the course of a couple of sittings. Pictures will soon follow, as soon as I yoink them off of Bobby's camera and get my film developed. (I What is that?!)

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )
I've been too busy to write in my LJ (horror!) but I do want to remember this holiday. I did lots of stuff...hence being too busy to write about it all in my LJ. I will now attempt to write a brief summary of each (no rambling, Dawn!) and post the appropriate pictures.

December in Pixels )

Christmas Eve

Dec. 24th, 2006 05:52 pm
dawn_felagund: Skeleton embracing young girl (Default)
Well, the gifts are wrapped (with a little help from the muses) and so it's just a matter of enjoying the rest of the evening. I did get an early gift! Bobby came in this morning and said that he was giving me one of my gifts a day early. He said that when I saw it, it would make sense.

So, he went into his closet and brought out...a brand-spankin-new Steve McNair Ravens jersey! Just in time for me to wear it while we played the Steelers today.

I'd gotten my first and only Ravens jersey in 2001, the year that we went to the Super Bowl. It is so old and so well-loved that most of the printing has come off of it, so it is really just a tattered purple t-shirt with lots of tiny holes in it.

Cut to Avoid Perception of Malicious Gloating to Steelers Fans on Ye Flist and for Those Uninterested in Football )

Anyway, Bobby and I had proclaimed that this weekend was reserved for much eating and movie-watching. We went to see three movies over the course of twenty-four hours. On Friday night, we saw A Night at the Museum (fantastically funny and clever; do see it if you want a fun movie!). For Saturday matinee, we saw The Holiday, and last night, we saw Apocalyto for some lighthearted holiday cheer. I won't say how much we've eaten; just trust that it involves four different restaurants and truly disgusting quantities of food.

Christmas Eve is a special tradition for Bobby and me. We don't go anywhere or do anything (aside from going out to lunch for still more eating *wince*). We wrap our presents and lounge around. At night, Bobby makes meatzza for supper, which is a loaded vegetarian pizza. This year's meatzza will include vegetarian pepperoni and sausage, red peppers, green peppers, banana peppers, onions, mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, and unnamed seasonings.

The meatzza comes because my dad always made pizza on Christmas Eve, and this was one of the things I thought I'd miss the most when Bobby and I moved out on our own. Silly, huh? But it's sometimes the smallest things. So Bobby made me pizza for supper that year, and it has gradually evolved from a frozen pie and a cup of soda to a meatzza with Italian salad and champagne. Yummmm....

Before we have the champagne, we'll drive down to the historic district to take Alex for a walk and take some pictures of our hometown at Christmas, then drive to look at some Christmas lights. After the champagne, we'll have eggnog with Puerto Rican Ron del Barrilito (that's a kind of rum) and watch The Polar Express.

Meanwhile, Bobby has also given himself an early Christmas present. He made the very reasonable argument that it would be a shame to get the SeaLife camera on Christmas and not know how to use it. So I let him get it out to read the owner's manual and learn how to use it. So far, he's used it to take some pictures of Alex.

Alex hasn't gotten any Christmas presents yet, but his stocking is filled and overflowing on top of the bookshelf, and every now and then, he glances up at it with wide, hopeful eyes. Just like a little kid at Christmas.
I know that some of you are scratching your heads and saying, "Yep. Dawn's officially lost it. Halloween is still twenty-nine days away."

However, in the House of Felagund, Halloween is a month-long festival rather than a single paltry day. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I just asked Bobby and he says that he likes Halloween about the same amount as Christmas. So we go a little crazy.

At the moment, our apartment is decorated with:

  • one string of jack-o-lantern lights on the balcony
  • one jack-o-lantern on the balcony
  • one jack-o-lantern kite thingy from the Kite Loft in Ocean City on the balcony
  • five Halloween bears on the CD/DVD shelf
  • one gargoyle on the TV
  • two tombstones on the TV
  • one jack-o-lantern on the TV
  • one jack-o-lantern pillow on the couch
  • one ghosty pillow on the couch
  • one ghost-shaped candle holder on the end table
  • one Halloween candle on the end table
  • one orange candy bowl with a protruding hand that grabs you when you take a piece of candy
  • one plastic ghost inherited from my grandmother on the front door
Erm...I think that's it. Obsessed? Us?? Nah.

More Daily Life Blather )
Some of you may have heard that there was a terrorist plot foiled this week involving trans-Atlantic flights from the UK to the US. Well, Customs decided to get involved, which in turn meant that Bobby had to get involved. Which meant that the big weekend we had planned almost...wasn't.

I am beginning to believe that the threat level should automatically go to Code Red whenever Bobby and I have a major weekend planned. Last summer, the London bombing occurred just before we were to leave for a weekend in Atlantic City with my boss. Now this. Three times and I'm officially retiring from attempting to have a social life and staying home. It seems that my overzealous schedule is a threat to national security.

But things worked out for us. Well...sort of. Bobby managed to get himself on a 4 a.m. to noon shift early Friday morning. Which meant that he got home from work (having gotten up at 5 a.m.), jumped in the car, and drove to Wolf Trap for the Hootie & the Blowfish concert. Then we came home, and he grabbed four hours of sleep. Then he went into work, came home, jumped back into the car, and drove downtown for a day at the National Aquarium with both sets of parents. After having a family dinner, we went to an 8 p.m. pre-season football game.

So my poor husband got about four hours of sleep in forty-three hours. *pets Bobby*

The Weekend Synopsis )
I am quite a sports fan, and (American) football is without a doubt my favorite team sport to watch. Funny enough, I despised football until the Baltimore Ravens made their Super Bowl bid back in 2000...and I have been hooked ever since. Go figure: watching football and understanding the rules are necessary to enjoying it. Now, I look forward to the Super Bowl all year.

Steelers versus Seahawks...who gets Felak's love? )

No, Dawn's not qualified to talk about here's an article by someone more qualified than me. )
So, besides finishing AMC, I have been doing (a few) other things.

Other Things )

Edit: In honor of finishing AMC, I will be drinking not one but two Guinesses tonight. Because that is just how dorky I am: Two whole beers seems really rebellious and celebratory to me.

Oh well. {{{{embraces dorkiness!}}}}

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