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Last night, I lost a toenail. The rest goes beneath the cut out of respects for fellow blood-injury phobics!

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Whenever I imagine the polar vortex, I imagine it as one of those men whose head sits directly on his shoulders, arms unable to touch his sides, and walks with the top of his head pointed forward. That's how I imagine him trundling down into the U.S., pulling cold air behind him like walking into a warm house and drawing the cold outside air in behind you.

This afternoon, when I walked out the side door to my classroom and into the parking lot, I thought, "Winter is here." It wasn't terribly cold--44F/7C when I set off north on Liberty Road--but it was raw and spitting this fine, cold rain. By the time I had picked up Bobby and we were heading home, the rain changed into that infamous-from-my-childhood "bag of wintry mix." By the time we were driving north on 795, it had changed to all snow.

So we've had the first snowfall of the year. By the time we were in Carroll County, it was starting to stick to the bare earth; by the time we were in Manchester, it was dusting the grass, and the temperature had dropped to 34F/1C. I just looked and it's stopped now (although NOAA warns for the possibility of snow showers throughout the night) but we got a decent amount of coverage for a mid-November snowfall in central Maryland.

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For anyone following the Saga of My Pulled Piriformis, I have returned to work (yesterday) and can walk again. I am still stiff and have been banished from the gym for three weeks by Bobby (who is at the gym now), at which I literally whined; blame the lingering pain for my regression back to the behavior of a seven-year-old. It's just that inactivity doesn't help with the stiffness at all, even though I know that I need to give myself time off from anything strenuous. But stiffness is better than feeling like someone is stabbing you with an ice pick at the top of your thigh every time you take a step. And I'll have dance twice next week, so that will help.


Sep. 1st, 2010 08:25 am
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I thought about using 400 exclamation points, but decided that would be overkill, so four will have to work.

Today, I will write my 400th article for Demand Studios.

Needless to say, I am still happy with working for them. I appreciate that when I do good work, it is noticed and rewarded. I'm at the point where it takes only 30 to 45 minutes to write a full-length article too, so I'm doing much better monetarily than I ever did at the WAU without feeling like a paid doormat.

The only thing I would change--and I realize that this carrot has been pulled and boiled (the vegetarian version of beating a dead horse ;)--is that some of the copyeditors really do need better training. It is frustrating to have work sent back for a rewrite by one copyeditor for something, then have another copyeditor makes changes that do exactly the opposite. Also, if you're a copyeditor and write in all lowercase? Yeah ...

In other news, I've stupidly hurt myself. I fell asleep in the hammock yesterday in a twisted position and really hurt my back. Despite the heat wave, I spent the night on the heating pad. When I say that it hurts to breathe, that's no exaggeration; deep inhales pull the sore muscles. I always feel rather daft when I hurt myself sleeping. If I have to be in agony, at least let me have a good story to tell people: "I pulled my back while performing a triple salchow" or "I hurt myself while carrying an infant from a burning building." Not: "I hurt myself sleeping."

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