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Yesterday was official Planting Day in the House of Felagund, so I spent about six hours outside in the garden, doing various chores to prepare and plant the non-hardy plants. My mind wanders where the stars are strange during such times, and I wrote a poem ... or rather, fragments of a poem. Then I was settling down later to read and thwap! said poem smacked me in the side of the head and demanded to be written. So I did.

The summary on the SWG and AO3: Fëanor's death and its aftermath, as told by the Fëanorian bards and as it truly happened. A free-verse poem.

Speaking of, it is also posted on the SWG and AO3.

Notes on its inspiration are at the end. I'd love to hear what people think of it.

The Death of Fëanáro )
As a prize for winning the Season of Writing Dangerously, Himring requested a remix of her poignant and lovely Maglor Plays For His People After Doriath. I decided to accept this particular challenge, and the result is my short story "Sharp Things in the Way," which touches on the same events and time periods but from Daeron's rather than Maglor's perspective.

Here is the summary:

The consummate poet of the Sindar, Daeron recognizes his potential to shape his people's perceptions of the newly arrived Noldor but struggles to find the courage to assert himself. Inspired by meeting Maglor at the Mereth Aderthad, Daeron nonetheless finds himself besieged by perceived failure, until his final attempt to depict a peaceful history between their peoples might be too late. A remix of Himring's "Maglor Plays For His People After Doriath" and written as a Season of Writing Dangerously prize for Himring.

"Sharp Things in the Way" on the SWG
"Sharp Things in the Way" on AO3
ETA:: Please note: As of 10 May 2009, I have collected the results for this poll. You're welcome to still contribute, if you wish, as I may return to this topic in the future, but further replies will not be used in my current essay. However, do check out the discussion on this post, which is as fabulous as I have come to expect from my flist and passersby! :) A sincere thank-you to all who participated in the poll and provided such insightful discussion of the topic. /ETA

I am getting ready to write an essay for my weble The Heretic Loremaster, and I am interested in how Tolkien fans familiar with The Silmarillion perceive the character of Maglor. I appreciate the input of anyone who has a few minutes to spare me and my LJ-created poll. :) Also, please pass the word to other Tolkienites, if you're so inclined. I would like as many responses as I can get.

If you do not have an LJ account and would like to contribute to the poll, feel free to leave an anonymous comment with your responses. (Click "Confabulate with Me" at the bottom of the post.)

Please note also that I do not expect people to look up information for this. I am interested in your perceptions of his character, not how well you can find what the book says about his character. (And, for those who do not already know, I don't believe in "canon," so I don't believe that there are right or wrong answers to any of these questions, although I certainly possess my own opinions on them. :)

Tolkien Fans, Right This Way! )
I am working on a post for The Heretic Loremaster and am really curious about how people see the attack on Sirion and its aftermath as it relates to Maedhros and Maglor, and Elrond and Elros. I would appreciate the input of anyone who wishes to take the following poll.

It's simple enough: Following are four scenarios common to Silmfic. Are they canon or not? Please don't belabor the point of "what is canon"; I am curious if they are canon based on how you define canon--not how I or anyone else does--whether that canon involves the Silm, the HoMe, or not. If you'd like to elaborate on your responses, please feel free to leave a comment.

And, also, if you know someone else who doesn't hang around here who might want to participate, do pass the word around! I would like to get as many responses as I can!

ETA: There are not necessarily correct answers to the "questions" in this poll. In fact, I think that any interpretation presented here can be argued for. I'm not looking to "quiz" participants but to get an idea how various people interpret the text(s) to derive what they view as "canon." Likewise, please don't feel that you need to look up what the books say before answering.

Thanks. :)

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"For What I Wait" was written for [ profile] live4love. It certainly doesn't brim with cheer ... but she asked for it! That is, an "AU in which Fëanor outlives all of his children."

In this particular tale, Fëanor takes care of Maglor during his last days alive. While there is nothing graphic in terms of sex or violence in this piece, it does contain discussion of suicide, so readers bothered by suicide might want to avoid this one. Generally, though, the story should be suitable for most readers.

For What I Wait )

More Drabbles

Dec. 27th, 2006 09:47 pm
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For [ profile] heartofoshun is a strange quibble featuring a possibly-crazy Maglor, a decidedly weird Maedhros, and a lifetime of memories that might explain why Maglor chose the fate that he did.

Evidence Of )

For my dear friend Jenni are three double-drabbles about her two favorite Elves. Jenni requested Fingon and Caranthir, together. Not in that way…unless I wanted that, of course. Jenni, being one of the few people who I will unequivocally agree has a dirtier mind than me, certainly would not mind.

Well, odd pairings are always a fun challenge, so I went for it. Hence, this is a slash story. Not a graphic slash story but slash all the same. Therefore, it is not advisable to read it if you object to slash.

Spent on Joy )
[ profile] sirielle asked for a drabble about Maglor’s fate after the last awful line in The Silmarillion. Since it is her birthday and also the holidays, I have given her several versions.

I've fallen a bit behind on posting. I have stuff written but no time to post! I should be able to catch up next week.

I'll be away again for most of the week, so I'll see you all on Monday!

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Magic )

Belief )
Because I've been so busy, I haven't been able to post my gift drabbles on time, even though in some cases their written and waiting. There just aren't enough hours in the day. But here are the past two days' worth as well as today's.

[ profile] oloriel asked for Feanorians and also admitted to a recent fascination with Maedhros’s captivity in Angband. For me, this is an ongoing fascination, so I took this idea and ran with it. Though it might seem a bit odd of an addition to a collection of stories to be given as gifts for the holidays, I have written about the captivity of Maedhros from the strange perspective of Caranthir.

In my storyverse, Caranthir is able to sense the spirits and thoughts of others. I use this idea in “The Space between Hearts.”

The idea of using a black bar to represent a word was originally done (to the best of my knowledge) in a short story by Joyce Carol Oates.

This story is dark and disturbing and contains violent images. Sensitive and squeamish readers should tread with care.

The Space between Hearts )

For [ profile] allie_meril is a quadrabble—exactly four hundred words—about Nerdanel. In this quadrabble, she gives her father the surprising news that she has gone away and married a high prince without first seeking his permission.

Eru's Blessing )

A long while ago, [ profile] appoggiato won the Spot the Bad Pun contest that I’d had for a chapter in AMC. Her prize was a story of her choice, and she asked for a story about Maglor during the happier times of the Fëanorian family. I’ve still yet to write the story, but I offer four drabbles in the meantime about Maglor during one of the happier times of his childhood. (And I will one day actually finish the full story!)

From the Doors of Night )
As many of you know, my holiday story project for 2006 is to write thirty-one (at least) series of fixed-length ficlets based on the requests and preferences of friends. Because I have been away since December 1st, I am a bit behind on posting, so I am going to post the first five days all at once.

Additionally, this series will be posted at HASA (members' side) and the Pit of Voles.

This first drabble series “Curiosity” was written for Angaloth, who I know fancies Fëanor and Nerdanel above all others. It is a series of three hundred-word drabbles about what might have first inspired their love…and led to their demise.

This series contains some very mild sexuality but should be suitable for teenaged and adult audiences.

Curiosity )

This series is for [ profile] ladyelleth, who asked about how Nerdanel and Fëanor perceived their strange fourth-born son Caranthir. In the Felakverse that I use in the majority of my stories, Caranthir has the special gift of osanwë—or mind-speak—and perceives people interestingly as a result. While he remains dark and strange, his special gift also gives him extraordinary insight into the hearts and minds of those closest to him. This series of four double-drabbles explores this idea.

Strange )

“Effortless” was written for [ profile] angelica_ramses. Earlier this year, we had a conversation about my character of Maedhros (Nelyo) in my stories Another Man’s Cage and “Essecarmë” and his quiet strength that I have tried to capture in these stories. While Maedhros has done his share of noble deeds, equally important—and probably more difficult—was the task of reuniting the Noldor and playing damage control for his little brothers.

Yet the conundrum always arises that what is most skillfully done seems to be most easily done. This series of four drabbles explores this idea, from the point of view of Maglor.

For readers unfamiliar with my other stories, Vingarië is Maglor’s wife.

Effortless )

This series of three double-drabbles was written for Ellfine, who is a fellow Finarfinatic and believes—as I do—that he was not the wimpy, soft-hearted king of fanon lore. “Sense of Swords” follows Finarfin through his decision to travel to Middle-earth at the end of the First Age to join his people in fighting Morgoth. The line about this in The Silmarillion is rather ambiguous about whether he joined the other Noldor in this battle, but I like to think that he did.

Sense of Swords )

My dear friend [ profile] rhapsody11 adores Celegorm and Maglor, so gifts for her always involve trying to fit them together into a story. In “Of Love, Mischief, and Flowery Prose,” young Celegorm realizes the gravity of the pranks that he plays on his older brother Maglor and seeks atonement for his misdeeds.

The relationship that might have existed between these two contrary brothers is a source of endless speculation for me “Of Love, Mischief, and Flowery Prose” is set during the same year as my novel Another Man’s Cage, so Celegorm is equivalent to a seven-year-old and Maglor is a young adolescent. The ficlet is a quibble, so it is exactly five hundred words.

Happy Sinterklaas, Rhapsody, and thank you for all that you do!

Of Love, Mischief, and Flowery Prose )
First of all,

Happy Birthday, [ profile] rhapsody11!!!

May this one and all after be as special as you deserve! :)

For Rhapsody's birthday, I challenged myself to write a story involving her two favorite Fëanorians, Maglor and Celegorm. In all of my stories about the Fëanorians, I don't think that I have a single interaction between these two that counts as truly significant. When Celegorm is young, Maglor tends not to like him; when the brothers get older, their allegiances vary, and Celegorm relies more on his younger brothers while Maglor turns to Maedhros. At least, this is the Felak!verse. But it means that they are rarely together in any way that puts them both--and their relationship--at the center of a story.

So it was quite a challenge to get the two of them together in a story that felt like it had some sort of significance without being contrived. The result came to me the other day, in the shower of all places, where laptops cannot go. No mind...I put the story aside, worked on it mentally in the days that followed, and when I finally committed it to paper on Monday, it took only three hours to write. It takes place sometime very soon after the ending of AMC; it will likely serve as one of the short stories that connects AMC to whatever ginormous project follows it. The story is safe for all audiences, and as usual, any comments readers wish to offer are appreciated.

I hope that you enjoy your story, Rhapsy, and best wishes to you for a happy day!

As a personal side note, I am not dead or anything like that or even attempting to behave more like a heathen than usual. Our network is still down at work, denying me all Internet access, including email. I'm trying to grab moments between RL obligations to read and write emails and LJ comments. It may take me a few days to catch up with emails and comments, but I will! In the meantime, thanks for your patience. :)

In the Town Called Acceptance )
Curuevo asked for a story about Macalaurë and Fëanaro--a nice story about Macalaurë and Fëanaro. Since my Macalaurë and Fëanaro muses don't often like to play nice together, this proved quite the challenge.

I've often pondered the notion of Macalaurë writing a song for his father. Given the natures of both characters, it seems reasonable that it would come up between them. Those who have read AMC know that I've explored this idea in that story as well, but this story takes a different look at it.

This is actually, in all likelihood, going to be much longer, probably a novella, covering the duration of Fëanaro's life. This is the first section--or movement, if you want to keep with the symphony theme--about Macalaurë's first attempt to capture his father in music. I ask for your forgiveness, Curuevo, because it's very rough I think, and I will have to do a lot of revising in the future. But it's nice enough that I'm not ashamed to post it, so here you go. :)

I'm giving this story a general rating, although there is some nudity in it, so if you don't like to think about naked Elves, either skip the story or give them little mental bathing suits. Whatever suits you best.

A Symphony for My Father )
[ profile] frenchpony shares my difficulty in expressing specifics as to gifts, so her request for "something Tolkien that you think I'd like" is one that I sympathize with. :) I hope I've done an acceptable job!

A while back, we had a discussion about the father-names of the F
ëanorian boys and how it might have been received with fifth-born Curufinwë was given the same name as his father. Nothing in canon, so far as I know, tells whether it was an honor to bear the same name as one's father, but I can't help but think that it might have been a special honor. And so this story, from Macalaurë's point-of-view, is what might have happened at the naming of Curufinwë.

This story is rated general; and I have no warnings to express. It seems I've behaved for once! Enjoy!

Essecarmë )
Eni asked for grown-up Maedhros, Maglor, and Fingon (with a slash pairing if I/they wanted it), with one happy moment and one naughty-but-nice moment (het or slash), with a cameo by a bumblebee and extra points for the inclusion of a bowl of cherries.

Whew! I think I managed all that!

I am giving this story an adult rating for all that naught-but-nice action going on there. I should mention that there is a heterosexual pairing (Maglor/OFC) and discussion of slash (but nothing graphic on that front. Hey, this is my first mention of slash evah in a story, so I think I deserve some credit for that! ;^D)

In this tale, Magor's wife Vinagarië discovers the true nature of her brother-in-law's relationship with his cousin. I'm leaving it at that.... ;^)

Discovering Love )
Aramel requested a story about Elrond and Elros, during their life with the Fëanorians, when they learn in one way or another about the fate of Eluréd and Elurín. And so, for you, Aramel, are two hott Fëanorians, two angsty little Elflings...and a partridge in a pear tree. ;^)

A Song and a Story )