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Yesterday was official Planting Day in the House of Felagund, so I spent about six hours outside in the garden, doing various chores to prepare and plant the non-hardy plants. My mind wanders where the stars are strange during such times, and I wrote a poem ... or rather, fragments of a poem. Then I was settling down later to read and thwap! said poem smacked me in the side of the head and demanded to be written. So I did.

The summary on the SWG and AO3: Fëanor's death and its aftermath, as told by the Fëanorian bards and as it truly happened. A free-verse poem.

Speaking of, it is also posted on the SWG and AO3.

Notes on its inspiration are at the end. I'd love to hear what people think of it.

The Death of Fëanáro )
It's been so long since I've had something to creative share that I've almost forgotten how to do it! First, the SWG's fabulous biography writer [personal profile] heartofoshun took the month off for the holidays, so I got to step into her very-hard-to-fill shoes. I've authored character biographies before, but they've always been emergency OMG-less-than-a-day's-notice! affairs. (In fact, I'd written about Námo before, so this one is building on that early and very inadequate version.) It was nice to get to spend the time on this one and run down some avenues of inquiry that I wouldn't have had time to pursue otherwise. The bio is loooong--I guess I figured that if I hardly ever get to do this, then I better make it count--but I hope it is useful and maybe a little bit interesting to other nerds who like thinking about these things. Námo Mandos's biography can be found on the SWG here.

Because newsletters like to grab my life by the scruff of the neck and thresh it violently from side to side, I was also responsible for the Barony of Bright Hills' newsletter this month (long story ... I was supposed to step down as deputy three years ago and didn't and this is what I get), and of course, it was also due on the first of the month. (It was also a day late--ha!) Anyway, despite pleading with some other artistic types for help with cover art, I didn't get any replies and had an almost-finished illumination of my own. So I finished that and used it. The upside to having spent almost all of my waking moments for the past day working on newsletters is that I actually got an illumination finished.

The Poet's Creed )
This series of vignettes was written to satisfy the Five Things challenge proposed by [personal profile] heartofoshun for the SWG's fifth birthday celebration. I wanted to do this challenge since Oshun first suggested it months ago but had trouble dredging up an idea. Just as I was beginning to angst about coming up with nothing, then this idea floored me, and I wrote parts of this piece mentally in the morning and committed it to paper pixels that afternoon.

"Five Bells" considers the death of Míriel Þerindë from five different perspectives. Given the subject matter, I've rated it for Teens over at the SWG, since it deals with death and dark themes. (The latter should be a default warning for my writing by now; I should warn when a story doesn't contain dark themes.)

As always, comments are welcome here, over on the SWG, or on Many Paths to Tread.

Five Bells )

The Small and Secret Things is my daily-drabble project on SWG, based on the Word of the Day. Because I really should have these things saved somewhere other than SWG (as, indeed, I preach to SWG members about their own work), then I am putting them up here as well. Hopefully, every few days, I'll be able to catch up and post a few more.

The betrothal of Arafinwë and Eärwen. I tried here to capture the languor of Alqualondë in contrast to Arafinwë's restless anxiety at waiting for Eärwen's reply. This was tough ... in just 100 words!

Evening in Alqualondë )

Maedhros on standing up to Fëanor about burning the ships at Losgar. This moment has always had significance to me, for it is the first indication of Maedhros's understanding of the need--and power--of unity between the Noldor. Yet it also is the first proof of how the strife between the princes of the Noldor will forever damn their quest against Morgoth. It is a portent of many things to come.

The Failure of Logic )

Fingolfin tries to understand his half-brother's elusive affection. I have tried to use my "Nolofinwë voice" for this one: economical and to-the-point, focusing on physical (versus emotional) observations.

I totally blame Fëanáro for making him that way. ;)

A Study of Curufinwë )

I've never been a huge fan of the Valar, but I have always (oddly) possessed a weak spot for Námo "Named After My Halls" Mandos. It is always fun to try to get into the mind of someone strong (or cruel) enough to bear seeing the future and knowing that he can do nothing about it. Here, he watches the Eldar arrive in Aman.

The Venerated )

A double-drabble where Celegorm remembers his friendship with Oromë before he swears the Oath of the Fëanorians. I often ponder which son went first and which went last; in my mind, I often change their roles and try to develop the motives for each choice. It could make an interesting series of stories someday. In the meanwhile, it's a fun characterization exercise at least!

Torchlight )
Since I've forgotten to post "The Tapestries" for two weeks now, then I am posting the last three chapters all at once. They're not long, but for a story of only twenty-six pages, posting this thing seems to be dragging on forever. And clearly, posting two multi-chapter stories at the same time is a bit beyond me.

I do thank all of you who have read--and especially commented--on this odd little story. I apologize for being so spotty in sharing it.

Chapter Nine )

Chapter Ten )

Chapter Eleven )
Last week, Feanor burned the ships and stranded his kin in Valinor. This week, he goes just a little crazier and gets a little more paranoid.

There's not much left to post of this story. Thanks to all who are reading and especially to those of you who have left me such kind and helpful comments! I'm still catching up on replies, but I haven't forgotten you. :)

Chapter Eight )
Last week, I completely forgot to post Chapter Seven in all the holiday hustle. Well, it's not exactly a happy holiday story, so perhaps, it is just as well.

In Chapter Six, Feanaro had begun pondering treachery against the people left behind in Valinor. In this chapter, his intentions come to fruition.

Thanks to those of you who are reading! If I don't make it online again, then happy New Year wishes to all!

Chapter Seven )
In last week's chapter, the Noldor sailed across the sea to Middle-earth after dispatching of those pesky Teleri. In this week's chapter, Feanaro first begins to ponder the idea of burning the ships...and his growing paranoia and madness becomes clearer as well.

Thanks to all who are reading! As usual, comments and concrit is welcome.

Chapter Six )
Last week, we experienced the kinslaying through the memories of Feanor.

This week, the Noldor will arrive in Middle-earth and the first whispers of the treachery to come will begin. In addition, we will learn more about the nature of the Halls of Mandos.

Thanks to everyone reading along. I'm still behind on replying to comments on and LJ, but it's getting there. Know that I read them all and appreciate everyone's support.

(Also, I have yesterday's drabble series finished; I just have not had time to post it. Today's isn't even written yet--hellish day at work, need I say more?--but I will post them all tomorrow.)

Chapter Five )
Last week, we went to the place of the tapestries, and Feanaro had to face the truth of his deeds for the first time since his death.

This story deals in part with history and memory, and how both can change over time to become what we wish of them. In this chapter, I continue with this idea, looking at the kinslaying of Alqualonde through the eyes of Feanaro and Miriel Serinde both, to understand what happened and how the Noldor came to see it as well.

This chapter carries a warning for blood and violence in greater and ickier quantities than the rest of this story. I appreciate everyone who is reading this odd tale and leaving me such wonderful comments. Thank you!

Chapter Four )
Well, it's Posting Friday on...Tuesday? I'm quite early, I know, but Sharon and Kirsty arrive tomorrow (*squee!*), the next day is Thanksgiving, and the day after, we're going to Ocean City for the weekend. So I doubt that I will have time--or desire--to spend the necessary hours to post my stories at the usual time this week. So here I am.

Last week, we had a thoroughly weird and (hopefully) slightly unsettling chapter about Feanaro's weird perceptions of the Halls of Mandos. Frankly, he finds the place terrifying. This week, we learn just a bit more about the Halls' great secret, and Feanaro begins on the road to spiritual healing.

Thanks to all who are reading this oddity! I'm behind on comments--caught up on Chapter One but still severely lacking on Chapter Two--but I will reply to everyone. Between NaNo and RL, time is in short supply these days. I appreciate everyone's understanding and patience. :)

As usual, all sorts of comments and suggestions are welcome. To those of you celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, my best wishes to you for a safe and happy holiday! To the rest of you, have a nice weekend!

Chapter Three )
In last week's chapter, Feanor died.

This week, we spend some time with him in the Halls of Mandos. This might just be the oddest chapter in the story, so if you read it with an eyebrow cocked, wondering if I'd gotten my hands on some fine hallucinogens while writing it (no, I hadn't; this is my normal way of thinking, I'm afraid), then rest assured that the whole story doesn't deal in biopsychological/philosophical/theological BS, as does this chapter. I'm afraid that I was tempted by the opportunity to write the mind-body problem into a fanfic, and I gave into it.

Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed last week's chapter. I'm waaaay behind on replying to comments because of NaNo, but I'll catch up shortly. Know that I read them all and appreciate you all; I'm just a bit slow right now. :)

Chapter Two )
Back when I wrote "Constellation" for [ profile] tarion_anarore, my dear friend Jenni made her birthday gift request based on the final scene in that story that takes place in Middle-earth. As anyone who reads even a bit of my fanfic knows, I don't write a whole lot in Middle-earth at the moment; I am slowly working my way through Valinor and to that point. But Jenni issued me a challenge: write a story about the Noldor arriving in Beleriand. And since Jenni is one of my dearest online friends, I could hardly turn down her request.

But this was a challenge for one major reason: Much of what happens later in my epic is a secret from everyone but me; even Bobby does not know. But to go into Middle-earth now would reveal these things and spoil later stories. So I was left with the option to 1) spoil later stories and to heck with the consequences, 2) invent a new verse for this story, or 3) find some creative way around my conundrum.

I opted for the third, choosing to write this story from a PoV that is probably a bit unexpected. But it allows me to look at the Noldorin arrival in Middle-earth without becoming hung up on the spoilers.

"The Tapestries" is a multi-chapter novella (though shorter than "By the Light of Roses") that does just what Jenni asked: recaps the Noldorin arrival in Middle-earth. However, it does so from the perspective of Feanaro, looking back at his life from the Halls of Mandos. The story is relatively tame for a Dawn Felagund story--I can even SSP it on lists that do not accept promotions for adult-rated stories--though it does have death (obviously) and some dark themes. There is some violence, but I will issue specific warnings for those chapters when they arrive. Beyond that, the story deals with the mind-brain problem, the malleability of memory, the issue of historical bias in the Sil, and whether Feanor was truly insane. That's a lot for a novella of a modest 18,000 words!

Though this story was finished in the beginning of September, I have waited until now to post it. It is probably my weirdest story to date, and I wasn't too sure that I wanted to share it. Combine death and Feanor, and you're pretty much guaranteed to get something odd out of it. Also, as this month is NaNoWriMo, it gives me something to post, and chapters are short enough to be convenient for those interested to read even if they are participating in NaNo. Per usual, I am eager to hear what people think, so please feel free to offer your thoughts and concrit. My thanks in advance.

The Tapestries--Chapter One )
[ profile] fanged_geranium asked for a short story that includes a conversation between grown-up Finrod and Finarfin. Actually, I ended up being seized by a rather large plotbunny on this one, and so this is the first bit of what will likely become a novella someday. But I think that the first part does well enough on its own as a short story.

In this tale, Finarfin is called to the Halls of Mandos for his son's re-embodiment, where he ponders the loss of his children and the sacrifices he would have made to change their eventual fates. Please be aware that this story contains scary imagery, violence, and some sexuality.

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