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Post Round-up

Feb. 15th, 2009 05:42 pm
dawn_felagund: Skeleton embracing young girl (Default)
I have not rounded up my off-LJ posts in a long, long time. Part of that reason is that, with my current time-crunch, the only place I have time to write is my weble, The Heretic Loremaster. And rounding up posts for The Heretic Loremaster seems rather fruitless, since it not only has RSS but, for those not yet on the RSS bandwagon, can be followed on the LJ feed [ profile] heretic_lore. Still, for those not using either of these, here is a round-up of my Heretic Loremaster posts for the last couple of months.

The Conflict of the Fannish and the Creative. The fan-writing community is largely a collective one where the writers are also managing the projects and archives. Does this diminish our creative output?

Storytelling: Much Ado about Nothing? A few posts on LJ considered a writer's role in pondering questions of race, gender, and sexual orientation. Does a writer have an obligation to be "politically correct"? I offer my thoughts on these posts here.

On the Term "Fan Fiction" ... I don't like it. Here's why.

A Rebuttal to "We Don't Need More Female Superheroes." A blog post by this title was written by a clueless guy. I shred it here for fun.

Rethinking Mary Sue. To what extent do some of Tolkien's Elf-mortal pairings reflect the same wish-fulfillment dynamic we accuse "Mary Sue" of? Is it possible that Mary Sue could be seen as a feminist figure? Hop into the crackpot and stew over some of my unformed ideas!

Science Proves What Fandom Knew. A recent study shows female sexuality is really complex. Who'da thunk it?

Speaking out against Casting Choices in Avatar: The Last Airbender. I break away from literature and book-based fandom for a moment here to contemplate the sheer suckitude of the casting choices for the movie Avatar: The Last Airbender and what we can do about it.

When Questions of Canon Should Be Questions of Writing. Tolkien fandom likes to debate canon minutia. Are they looking for answers where there are none? Should they be talking about how to construct good, believable stories instead?

On Writing to the Fanfic Market.'s blog discusses how fan authors can get more readers for and comments on their stories. I think their ideas are bad ideas and make a case against recognizing a fanfic "market."

The Coraline Grab Bag! Dark fantasy, gender roles, and more in Neil Gaiman's Coraline (now also a movie in wide release in the U.S.).

The comments and conversations on some of these posts are excellent. Further comments--even late comments--are always more than welcome, but remember, if you want to be part of the conversation when it's happening, subscribe to the RSS feed or get informed of new posts via [ profile] heretic_lore. (Please do note, though, that it is possible to leave comments on [ profile] heretic_lore but I never check for comments here. So if you want a reply, please leave a comment on the original post!)

See you in two months for the next round-up! ;)

Post Round-up

Dec. 12th, 2008 07:43 am
dawn_felagund: Skeleton embracing young girl (Default)

I have needed to do a post round-up for weeks now. However, being back in school and trying to keep up with my "extracurriculars" (read: fandom and SCA) means that ten minutes for a post round-up, yes, is too much.

But! Seeing as I have an impromptu day off today, I might spare those ten minutes before diving back in up to my elbows in schoolwork and webwork for the day.

The Heretic Loremaster

Take Pity upon Him: Did Maedhros Really Threaten to Kill Elrond and Elros at the Third Kinslaying? The title sums up my starting point for this post, which is essentially an in-depth and rather nerdy analysis of what the texts say on this point and how they might be variously interpreted.

From Canon to AU: Defining Canon on a Continuum. A popular point of discussion in recent months has been the abuse of the alternate universe (AU) label on stories that are not AU. This post attempts to break down and consider the various ways that writers use the texts in developing and interpreting a personal canon and verse.

Please note that the comments on both posts are well worth the read, perhaps more interesting than the posts themselves!

The Silmarillion Writers' Guild

Death of Cold. The Noldor arrive at the Helcaraxë and at a change within themselves that they never expected. A triple drabble (300 words).

Love by Moonlight. Tilion observes two kinds of love one night in Beleriand. Implied Maedhros/Fingon; double drabble (200 words).

Hundrede Artes

November was supposed to be for a NaNoWriMo-inspired event called the "Known World Persona Writing Month," which I adapted to suit my needs of developing an SCA persona. Unfortunately, I figured rather early on what I wanted my persona to be and promptly lost all enthusiasm for the introspective writing I had planned. So I didn't complete the project. I did get two entries up, however, before allowing myself to become distracted by writing MEFA reviews.

Breadth #5:: KnoWoPerWriMo: Irish Geography

Breadth #5:: KnoWoPerWriMo: Prehistoric Irish History


I am on Delicious now and using it to bookmark ... well, just about everything. I use it for fannish purposes--stories and essays that I have read--and for literary purposes in bookmarking literature and medieval history sites that I find useful. I invite others to come browse around; I have 217 links bookmarked so far, so there's probably something for just about everyone reading here.

ETA: I should add that I am nowhere near done bookmarking the Tolkien stories that I have read. So if you don't see your name on my Tolkien Authors list, it is not intended as a slight, it does not mean that I haven't read your work ... it just means that I haven't gotten to add you yet. I've added about half of the MEFA stories that I read this year and stopped there because my second semester started. After that, I have SWG, HASA, ... yes, I have a ways to go. :)


Post Round-up

Nov. 11th, 2008 04:19 pm
dawn_felagund: Skeleton embracing young girl (Default)

Following is what I've been up to around the web for the past few weeks.

The Heretic Loremaster

Fandom as a Business? A commentary on a recent blog post on that defends how for-profit fans and sites go about making decisions compared to fans not working for profit.

Hundrede Artes

Breadth #5:: Developing a Persona: KnoWoPerWriMo Goals. The A&S50 has a challenge for November to write 10,000 words about your persona. Since I don't have one, then I aim to create one! Here is the first post outlining my goals and what I know about my fictional self so far.

Never Enough Heroes

I am honored to have been invited by [ profile] vamp_ress to make Silmarillion recommendations on the rec blog Never Enough Heroes. I aim to post a new list of recommendations roughly once per month and based on a theme.

Hell-Wrought Steel: Stories about Maedhros and Thangorodrim. This month's theme is stories about Maedhros and Thangorodrim: one of those subjects that nearly every Silm author is tempted to write about at some point.

Maedhros and Thangorodrim Stories with Slash. Just like it sounds: a continuation of the first post, only these stories include slash. Please note that you must register with the site and set your account to view slash stories; information is available on the About section of the site.



Oct. 24th, 2008 09:43 pm
dawn_felagund: Skeleton embracing young girl (Default)

This is my occasional post round-up where I link to all of my doings off of LJ.

The Heretic Loremaster

"Oops! A Metaphor!" ... or Accidental Allegories That Aren't. Part 2 in my series on Tolkien and allegory, this entry looks at how theme and inspiration sometimes get confused with allegory in the discussion about whether or not there is allegory in Tolkien's works.

Too Smart for Fandom? Fandom is abuzz with discussion about whether or not academic analysis should have a role in fandom. I argue that the idea of banishing academic analysis and fans so inclined is not only flawed but deeply unfair.

Hundrede Artes

Hundrede Artes is my project blog as I attempt to create one hundred medieval art projects for the SCA's Arts & Sciences 50 challenge. I am completing two of these challenges: one breadth challenge that requires me to try 50 new things, and a depth challenge where I am producing 50 illuminated pieces.

Breadth #4: Gilding. Gilding is really what makes illumination into illumination: the application of thin sheets of gold leaf to manuscripts. It sounds daunting ... and here is my account of trying it for the first time. (As well as my first shiny gilded project!)

Haunted October

By request, I am linking to my (friend-locked) Haunted October entries here as well, since some of my flist read their friends pages on computers where they cannot log in and so tend to miss these postings.

Webs. A woman wakes in her car, unsure how she's arrived there, swathed in what seems to be webs. Or is it her past at last caught up to her?

Altar. A festival night requires a murderous ritual to bring fortune to the people. A dark fantasy about ritual and dehumanization that is too familiar in the "real" world.

Thrice Chimes the Bell. A lament in sonnet form told by one whose beloved is being led to execution.

The Feast. In the kitchens of the king, something about the annual feast tends to drive the servants to madness.

Haunted October is on hiatus this week. I had good intentions of posting the first of a two-part story but had a term paper due, so both parts will be posted for next Friday's finale.

Feed Me!

Finally, for those who wish follow updates to my other blogs on LiveJournal, I have created feeds for both The Heretic Loremaster and Hundrede Artes:

[ profile] heretic_lore
[ profile] hundrede_artes


Post Round-up

Oct. 12th, 2008 04:28 pm
dawn_felagund: Skeleton embracing young girl (Default)
The Heretic Loremaster

The Many Faces of LiveJournal. The complexity of LiveJournal's myriad uses as a blog, forum, and personal journal often makes it difficult to know how to leave an appropriate comment, particularly when that comment is critical, or use and link to information that people make publicly available in their journals.

Fandom: A Reader's World? Fan-writing communities are often criticized for being too easy on authors. However, readers get their share of privileges unknown to the writing world at large. To what degree to fan authors and sites owe compliance with these norms?

Haunted October

Please note that these stories are friend-locked. However, I have been requested to link to them in an unlocked post for those who tend to read their friends' pages on computers where they cannot log in.

Traffic Jam. "Traffic Jam" is a story about a mother who, in the course of taking her sick son to the doctor, gets caught in a traffic jam. It is a character-driven story about the horrors that lurk in the ordinary.

Quail. In "Quail," a young family takes a trip to the zoo. Only it is not a normal zoo: It is known not so much for its animals as the "spectacle" of involving guests in all aspects of operations, including the feedings. Come, take a walk with them ...


Whenever I post on sites outside my journal, I periodically link to those posts here. I haven't rounded anything up in a while because there hasn't been anything to round up! But, as a personal reward for finishing my American Fiction course, I've allowed myself to make my first blog post to my shiny new blog.

The Heretic Loremaster

Tolkien, Allegory, and the Maddening Perseverance of Denial. The first in a series looking at allegory (or the lack thereof) in Tolkien's works and the fan response to it.

This is my blog's debut. My website,, is still under construction. I've tested the blog in the most recent versions of Firefox and IE and in that bane of my existence, IE 6.0. However, I appreciate, if anyone sees anything that looks off or doesn't work as it should, that she or he lets me know.

I normally don't allow comments on round-ups, but I'll leave them open for this post, so feel free to let me know here if anything is awry.

Also, note that I'm looking for other people to write for this blog, either as regular or guest contributors. The subject need not be Tolkien. Literature, book-based fandoms, and history are all fair game. I'd particularly like someone to write about Harry Potter. If you think you might be interested, please drop me an email at the usual place.

Round-up Post

Aug. 3rd, 2008 09:54 am
dawn_felagund: Skeleton embracing young girl (Default)

I haven't made a round-up post in a while because I've been 1) busy and not producing much worth rounding up and 2) I've been busy and haven't had time to round up that little bit that I have produced. Because I am procrastinating still a moment further on working on my blog theme, then I will do a quick round-up now.

Silmarillion Writers' Guild

Awakening. Shortly after the Elves awaken at Cuiviénen, the young Þerindë begins to learn about love and Elven nature. This story seeks to explore the origins of the Elven mores concerning sexuality that are discussed in Laws and Customs and Quendi and Eldar and was written for the International Day of Femslash. This is very much a work-in-progress; two chapters are posted so far, and I have written most of the third but don't have a lot of time to work on this story. In other words, if you can't stand an endless WiP, you might want to wait till my life settles a bit more before picking up this one.

Hundrede Artes

Breadth #3: Reading Chaucer in Middle English. For this part of my breadth challenge, I will read The Canterbury Tales in their original Middle English form, relying on the translation as little as possible. When I am finished, I will try my hand at translating a passage and see how well it corresponds with the translation I possess and others that I can find. Here, I start with the General Prologue.

Depth #2: Holiday Card Using Renaissance White Vine. 2007's holiday greeting card was done in a late-period style of illumination known as Renaissance White Vine. Here is a bit more about that style as well as the fun and foibles of working in it.

Breadth #3: "The Knight's Tale." Continuing my reading of Chaucer, I move on to the "Knight's Tale," a story of two knights competing for the affections of one woman. The only problem: one is in prison and the other exiled from the city in which she lives. Drama, conflict, and much armor pr0n results.


Post Round-up

May. 18th, 2008 01:01 pm
dawn_felagund: Skeleton embracing young girl (Default)
I haven't done one of these in a few weeks because, while I've been busy with lots of things, none of those things wanted to be finished. However, at long last, I have finished a project that has been in the works for almost three years now ...

Silmarillion Writers' Guild

The Work of Small Hands. Valinor has been plunged into darkness, most of the Noldor have gone into exile, and the Teleri grieve for those lost in the kinslaying. The Valar have turned their backs on the remaining Noldor--left without a king--and chaos rules the streets of Tirion. Can Eärwen, the quiet wife of a third-born prince, find the courage and strength to save her husband's people?

This story is now finished! Eärwen returns to Alqualondë to beg aid of her father, attends her brother's funeral, and pleads for her husband's people before the Valar.

Silmarillion Writers' Guild

The Work of Small Hands. Valinor has been plunged into darkness, most of the Noldor have gone into exile, and the Teleri grieve for those lost in the kinslaying. The Valar have turned their backs on the remaining Noldor--left without a king--and chaos rules the streets of Tirion. Can Eärwen, the quiet wife of a third-born prince, find the courage and strength to save her husband's people?

Chapter Four Added! The effects of unrelenting darkness is taking hold of Tirion, and the crops and orchards have stopped producing. Eärwen must take action soon, or the remaining Noldor will fall completely to ruin.

Hundrede Artes

As just a reminder, Hundrede Artes is my journal for the SCA's A&S 50 challenge where I will attempt to make 100 pieces of medieval art before the SCA's fiftieth birthday in 2015.

Breadth #1: The Story that Started It All. Here begins my A&S50 quest ... before I was even a member of the SCA. I wrote a novella for Bobby, once called "The Green Knight Story," now called "A Quest for the Foolish Brave," that would open my eyes to medieval literature and artwork and inspire my enthusiasm for the SCA.

Breadth #1:: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: In stori stif and stronge. The documentation for "A Quest for the Foolish Brave" looking at how the devices used in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight were applied to my novella.

Breadth #1: A Quest for the Foolish Brave. Links to "A Quest for the Foolish Brave" online.

Breadth #2: Mid-14th Century Alliterative Poetry as Exemplified by Pearl. The alliterative revival was a period of Middle English poetry that demonstrated artistically the political, social, and economic stratification in England at the time. From the revival came Sir Gawain and the Green Knight but also Pearl, an elegy-meets-allegory about the poet's lost daughter. This essay is documentation for my poem "The Fairy's Song."

Breadth #2: "The Fairy's Song". An alliterative poem done in the style of Pearl, which is regarded by some as the most technically complex Middle English poem known to modern audiences. "A Fairy's Song" considers how an author shapes her world through myth.

Depth #1: 15th-century English Illuminated Capital. My experimental piece as an illuminator, this first attempt was gauge--and, in turn, inspire--my enthusiasm for the art of medieval illumination.

The Work of Small Hands. Valinor has been plunged into darkness, most of the Noldor have gone into exile, and the Teleri grieve for those lost in the kinslaying. The Valar have turned their backs on the remaining Noldor--left without a king--and chaos rules the streets of Tirion. Can Eärwen, the quiet wife of a third-born prince, find the courage and strength to save her husband's people?

Chapter Three Added! As Eärwen and Anairë rule the city in absence of a king, Finarfin returns to Tirion. Will he take his place as the king? Okay, Tolkienites. This wiki is dedicated to preserving fandom history. And we are waaaay underrepresented, being a rather insular community. (Yes, if you're saying "WTF is" then you are proving my point. ;)

But I think the mission of this project is an important one. This all may seem trivial and silly now, but it is history in many ways and so, yes, I am encouraging you to contribute by at least adding yourself as an person/author (unlike Wikipedia, there is no notability requirement) or, if you run a group or community, adding that, or contributing to an existing article about the Tolkien fandom.

Because I was home sick for much of the week, I added several articles myself this week. And, since it is a wiki, then I am encouraging you to edit and add to them where you see fit.

Silmarillion Writers' Guild
Dawn Felagund (Here also is a complete and ridiculously long list of my stories)

That's it for the week. I've been really sick all week, so I didn't have too much energy for creativity, though I have several fiction and non-fiction projects underway. Watch this space.

The Work of Small Hands. Valinor has been plunged into darkness, most of the Noldor have gone into exile, and the Teleri grieve for those lost in the kinslaying. The Valar have turned their backs on the remaining Noldor--left without a king--and chaos rules the streets of Tirion. Can Eärwen, the quiet wife of a third-born prince, find the courage and strength to save her husband's people?

Chapter Two Added: As the women left behind in Tirion establish a fragile new government, terrible news comes from Alqualondë. Notes on obscure canon have also been added to the Foreword.

Teler. For National Poetry Month, I have written a poem. I am not much of a poet, so any and all feedback is appreciated and need not be gentle.

After the Darkening of Valinor, a Telerin Elf looks back at the days of light.

For Love of the Moon. This piece is part of my ongoing project Release the Bonds of Winter. I wrote this a while ago and kept forgetting to link it here.

In The Book of Lost Tales, "The Coming of the Valar and the Building of Valinor," it is said that Irmo loved Tilion (then Silmo). Since then, I have had a bunny nibbling my ankle, asking me to consider that love. Here, I do so, in 300 words. As such, some will consider this a slash story. I'm not sure that I do, but you have been forewarned.

And, for those of you who would like to pick on me--or at least pick on my writing--I need some help with two projects. First, I need a beta for my original story Hazard (flocked). I'm planning to throw it at a pretty prestigious publication just to see what happens and would like some opinions other than my own.

And I am writing an in-depth analysis of the essay "Laws and Customs among the Eldar" from social psychological, historical, historiographic, and (of course) canonical perspectives. I don't need help with the writing so much on this (though comments on how to make my writing better are always welcome) but someone(s) willing to read my arguments, play devil's advocate, point out what I'm missing, where my evidence is thin, et cetera.

So, if you want to pick on me for either of these, please drop me an email at I appreciate any and all help that I can get with these projects.



Apr. 2nd, 2008 09:24 pm
dawn_felagund: Skeleton embracing young girl (Default)
It's time for the (almost) weekly round-up of posts made in places outside of my journal!

  • Silmarillion Writers' Guild. "The Work of Small Hands." In honor of the Majority Rules Ficathon, I have decided to finally finish my in-progress-since-2005 novella about Eärwen and Anairë. This was originally titled "He Came Home," and the first chapter was posted in my journal a couple of years ago. The summary:

    Valinor has been plunged into darkness, most of the Noldor have gone into exile, and the Teleri grieve for those lost in the kinslaying. The Valar have turned their backs on the remaining Noldor--left without a king--and chaos rules the streets of Tirion. Can Eärwen, the quiet wife of a third-born prince, find the courage and strength to save her husband's people?

    Table of Contents
    Chapter One: Departure

    Updates will be weekly or so.

  • Silmarillion Writers' Guild. Back to Middle-earth Month: The Circles of the World. I have not mentioned this project here on my journal because I simply didn't have time. A project like this takes more work than anyone ever wants to believe in the heady days of planning the thing, but, yes, it is indeed worth it in the end. I cannot take full credit as my co-mods and several other volunteers aided greatly in putting it together--not to mention our myriad talented contributors--but I'm damn proud of it and wanted to share the final project.

    Back to Middle-earth Month 2008: The Circles of the World
As explained in this post and comments, I have decided to change how I use my journal a bit. From here on out, it will be just that: a journal. However, I will make regular round-up posts to share links to what I am posting elsewhere that, before, probably would have ended up here. These posts will have comments shut off. If you wish to comment on something that is linked here, you are welcome to do so at the source or to email me.

  • Silmarillion Writers' Guild:

    Release the Bonds of Winter. This collection of ficlets is in answer to SWG's current challenge Within the Pages of Lore. In short, I pick a random quote from The Silmarillion and write 300 words or less about it. Currently up is:
    • The Bridge. Túrin ponders the imminent arrival of Morgoth's army and the necessity of destroying the bridge to Nargothrond.

    • Sudden Flame. After his rescue from Dagor Bragollach, Finrod receives a vision of his brothers' fate.

    • For Love of the Moon. In The Book of Lost Tales, "The Coming of the Valar and the Building of Valinor," it is said that Irmo loved Tilion (then Silmo). Here, I consider that love, in 300 words.

  • Hundrede Artes:

    Debut of Hundrede Artes! ... sort of. Hundrede Artes is my InsaneJournal blog for tracking my progress in the SCA Arts & Sciences 50 challenge, where I will create 100 pieces of medieval art in seven years. The journal exists but currently has no content aside from userinfo describing my plans for the challenge. I am also looking into using OpenID and RSS on InsaneJournal so that LJ friends and non-journal-keepers can follow along.


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