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I can't exactly say "winter" since it is still autumn for almost a month yet. I dithered when deciding where to put the picture of the snow in my files: chronologically correct (the Autumn 2014 folder) or where I'd be more likely to find it (the Winter 2014-2015 folder). I went with Winter 2014-2015, which is also where I put the pictures of the inch or so that we got the other week.

This was the view out the back door about two hours ago:

 photo 2014-11-26152502_zpsd919833b.jpg

It was still snowing like crazy at the time, which is hard to see in the picture.

We had a kinda sorta snow day at school: a three-hour early dismissal, which meant that the kids left at 11 AM, which officially made it one of the easiest days of my teaching career. I put on Home Alone and fed all comers leftover ice cream that I'd made for yesterday's Thanksgiving lunch. Get 'em nice and hyper and then send them home. >:^) The snow started mid-morning and, by the time I left school at 11:15, was already starting to stick on the roads.

The drive home was the worst close to school. Up our way, they did a good job of getting the roads salted, but there is one hill about five minutes from the school, and I did question if I would make it to the top and wondered what I'd do if I got stuck five minutes from the school and almost an hour yet from home. By the time we got home, we had about 4 inches/10 cm of snow already; the predicted accumulation for us is supposed to be around 8 inches/20 cm. I haven't looked to see what it is currently.

The last time we had a Thanksgiving snowstorm was in 1989. Bobby and I were eight years old; we both remember it. I feel sorry for people traveling today; this storm is going to create a major mess for them. I am grateful that it will be over and the roads will be clear in time for our guests to come out to our house tomorrow.
Thanksgiving is one of Bobby's and my holidays, so this week has been a steady build-up toward the big day. We also have a Thanksgiving lunch at work, so Bobby made a turkey and I made three batches of ice cream for that. Then it was on to our own feast.

The menu included beer and cheese bread, pumpkin soup, "medieval" turkey (a Trader Joe's vegetarian turkey roll for me), stuffing*, mashed potatoes*, candied sweet potatoes*, maple squash medley, crispy green beans, sweet corn saute, garlic spinach, sesame broccoli, and sauerkraut with Polish sausage*. For dessert was pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll*, chocolate cream pie*, and vanilla bean ice cream. (Asterisks are on things Bobby and I didn't make.)

Bobby and I have done this enough times by now that everything was going seamlessly, and I even managed to keep up with the dishes in the kitchen so that, at the end of the night, all we'd have to wash were dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, and tableware. Lol. Famous last words. Everything was loaded onto the buffet table in the living room, everyone was starting to grab plates and go in, and ... CRASH. One end of the table had collapsed. Apparently, the table does not have locking legs. Suffice to say that table will not be used again for this purpose, and we will be obtaining one with locking legs for the future.

Thankfully, because only the one end collapsed, then everything just kind of slid down the table but remained mostly upright. Only the applesauce was completely upended. So, for the most part, everything could be picked up and carried into the kitchen and served from there. The plates were at the end of the table that didn't collapse, which would have been a potential disaster itself, as they are heavy and glass, and if even one of them broke in the food, that would have meant everything had to be thrown out. Thankfully, when my mom saw what was happening, she was at that end of the table and grabbed the plates before they could fall to the floor and break.

My parents were quick to remind me that, when I was a kid, one year at Thanksgiving, the kitchen table buckled and collapsed in the middle. Thankfully, dinner had already been served and no one was hurt. So it seems these near-disasters involving expensive meals and collapsing tables are somewhat of a family tradition. Probably because of the way my family cooks and eats.

Pictures beneath the Cut )
Feastival Preparations and Other Random Happenings in the House of Felagund ) To members of my LJ flist who are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I hope you have a wonderful meal and even better company. Journey safely, if you're traveling. I am thankful to all of you for the support and friendship you give me throughout the year.
Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all of Teh Flist who celebrate it!

Thanksgiving is Bobby's and my holiday in the Family Holiday Cycle, so it has been a busy week for us. On top of that, it was the last week of my first semester, so I had two major essays due today that I have been working on for the past three weeks. I am writing this now because I just turned in the last one, and this is (one of) my promised rewards. :)

So ... first things first: Thanksgiving. Went great. Bobby and I love to cook and love to experiment even more with recipes, so we really enjoy having the honor of cooking for Thanksgiving each year. Our respective families contributed dishes as well; Bobby and I handled the rest.

Food pr0n below the cut! )

The other cool thing about our dinner was that the turkey and the veggies were all local. Bobby and I made up our minds early in the year that we wanted to do this, so we bought enough of different veggies in season (like the sweet corn) to freeze it for Thanksgiving. Others--like the squash and apples--are in-season now and came from local farms.

The turkey, which I named Sarah, was also from Manchester.

Because our menu was a little on the ambitious side, Bobby and I have been shopping and chopping for Thanksgiving all week. It was worth it, though; at one point, as Bobby and I went last to fill our plates, the noise from the dining room was complete *silence.* We had actually silenced our families! That is a feat along the lines of silencing the Niagra Falls!

Cut to keep my misbehaving family from making this post non-work-safe )

In all, it was a fun night. Bobby and I retired to the basement after everyone had left (and we had finished cleaning the dishes) and put on Home Alone and fell asleep about halfway through.

Because, as though cooking a massive dinner for nine wasn't enough to occupy me this week, my first semester ended this week, so I had two major research papers due. School Blathering )

Anyway, because Thanksgiving was rather late this year, I was confused into thinking that I had a week off before I start my next semester. Nope! I start on Monday. So all the big plans I had to get stuff done for the SWG and SCA and beta-reading and so on will have to share my attention with schoolwork again sooner rather than later. My classes for the next semester are Women Writers, English Literature 18th Century to the Present, American Poetry, and African-American Literature. I am looking forward to all of them and only dreading American Poetry; I am not very comfortable with poetry beyond the Renaissance! I am going into that one hoping to focus more on literature I've neglected terribly and learn a lot.

So it seems I'm only freeeeee! for two more days, but I plan on making the most of them!
Bobby and I are hosting our first ever Thanksgiving feast this year. I suppose that it is a rite of passage for every young couple, to be sitting around with the family while everyone is hemming and hawing over who will take what holiday this year, arriving at Thanksgiving, and intrepidly piping up, "Why don't you guys take a year off and we'll do Thanksgiving this year?" At least, that's how it happened to Bobby and me.

Confessions of the Intrepid )

Anyway, to all of Teh Flist who is celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, enjoy your day, your family and your friends ... and don't eat too much! ;)
As much as I love eating and football--and those of you who know me know that I *love* both--I also love the opportunity to tell people why I am thankful for their friendship. [ profile] juno_magic did this as a meme a few weeks ago, and I thought it appropriate to save for Thanksgiving. So, to each of you on my flist, here is why I am thankful for you. If you're on my flist and not part of this, it is because we've yet to be introduced! But now is the perfect opportunity to say hi and tell me why you friended me.

I Am Thankful for You Because.... )

So why are *you* thankful today?

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