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2006-02-07 11:20 am
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It Worked!!!

One of the biggies on my to-do list has been getting at least a basic homepage for [livejournal.com profile] silwritersguild written. Since beginning this rollercoaster of a project back in September (and having a page complete at one point), I came to work today with absolutely nothing to show for my agonies. So I cleared my desk, hunkered down with a pile of nerdy books on XHTML and CSS, and got to work.


It worked!!!

My web experience can be summed up by doing neat little HTML designs in LJ and a "webpage" for my D&D group. I once tried to make a homepage for my unit with an external CSS stylesheet and it totally failed...although, in retrospect, I think it was more my out-of-date browser than anything else. Not that I looked into it much. I decided that I wasn't going to design webpages for the crappy salary that I receive.

But today it worked! Style sheet and all! Now I just have to add some text beyond "test" and "This is a test of the SWG stylesheet."

How nerdy is it that I literally feel like doing a happy dance?