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As of last night, I still hadn't heard back from either university administrator concerning my questions about Praxis and background checks. So I took it to the next level and emailed the general university education department address, noting that I'd tried to contact one administrator (Ms. S) twice concerning whether I could substitute my GRE scores for Praxis I and had received no reply. Well, guess what? I just received a reply from Ms. S. Telling me to contact another administrator (Ms. C) concerning my background check and Praxis requirements.

The thing is that I did contact this administrator about backgrounds, more than a week ago. I still haven't heard anything. I mentioned that but noted that I'd give it another try concerning Praxis.

When I still worked at the WAU, I'd periodically receive emails with questions that fell outside of my area of authority. How did I handle those? Well, I forwarded them to the person with the authority to answer them and let the sender know that I had done so. If I didn't know who to ask, I forwarded them to the unit commander and let him handle it. I certainly didn't ignore questions and, when pressed, tell the person to email someone else. Am I the stupid one here for thinking that's generally how such matters are handled? That one certainly doesn't continue kicking back emails to the sender with instructions to just go ahead and ask someone else?

It frustrates me that I started this process back over the summer and, due to misinformation and incompetence on the part of university administrators, am now creeping close to the deadline and am still working on it.

ETA! After I made a mild passive-aggressive fuss, both administrators managed to contact me within an hour. One claims not to have received my message--perhaps my address is blocked in their system? Considering that I sent it from my student email account (which, incidentally, I do because I'm always worried my Gmail account will be blocked, ironically), I highly doubt that. In any case, the conclusion is that I can use my SAT scores to get out of Praxis I. I don't really understand why they won't accept GRE if they accept SAT, but I'm not complaining, just as long as I don't have to sit for another ridiculous exam to prove that I can read, write, and do basic arithmetic.

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