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I have reading to do for school, but Bobby is making breakfast, and it seems silly to start something when I'll have to walk away in a few minutes, right? That's my excuse anyway.

I didn't want to mash this stuff in with my post for Aunt Lil, as this is comparatively frivolous. I beg pardon of my flist for the two posts in close proximity.

This weekend, I spent more time in malls than I think I have spent in the past year. The reason is one I thought I was long-ago rid of: I needed a prom dress! Yes, the handsome self-contained teacher has asked me to prom. ;) Okay ... in reality, Bobby and I are chaperoning, and my 30-year-old self will no longer fit into the gowns I wore when I was in high school.

I don't like malls. I probably spent too much time in them as a kid, going every blessed night with my parents. First we went to Westminister Town Mall and completely struck out; aside from a dozen dresses in Deb, there wasn't a single prom dress in sight. I guess Carroll County girls don't go to proms?

Friday was "Earth Day" at school, which actually translates to staff-clean-the-school-day-while-the-students-are-technically-supposed-to-help-but-mostly-don't. So I was already pooped and didn't feel like a completely futile walk around the mall. Alas.

After Aunt Lil's funeral, we were in White Marsh and so stopped at the much larger White Marsh Mall. Between going for myself and going with Erin, I've probably been dress shopping here a dozen times. Most of the stores have gotten rid of their prom dresses. :^| Macy's had some; they had a pretty white gown with black lace trim, but the only dress in my size, the zipper was so jammed that I couldn't even unzip it enough to get the dress on. The mall was crowded and hot and I was still in my funeral clothes and so extra-uncomfortable as a result.

The mall does have a store that specializes in formal clothes for women, and we finally found something there. (I offered to do this on my own, but Bobby insisted on going with me, brave man that he is.) The dress I ended up getting is very Roman-looking and, of course, red. Yes, I'll post pictures when the time comes. ;)

Bobby and I are auditing an elementary Latin course this summer via the Mythgard Institute. We've both wanted to learn basic Latin for some time now--enough that we can fumble through translations of primary source texts--and this opportunity seemed too perfect to pass up. I'm really excited about it. The only bad thing is that I will have pretty much turned in my paper for this current course and I will be starting the Latin course. This semester's class, the History of Pop Culture, has been somewhat disappointing. Turns out it is an urban studies course, which has proven interesting in some regards but in no way includes anything that I could see myself studying in the future. My paper is on the relationship between agriculture and urbanization in the mid- to late 20th century, which is the most interesting topic I could muster and is probably telling that I ended up finagling a rural studies topic into an urban studies course. But the reason I took the course was to get a stronger understanding of the history of popular media--which I assumed would be a part of any pop culture course--so I could apply it in the context of fan studies. Pfft.

This morning, I was working at my desk and looked over at the wall, and there was a jumping spider there! I like spiders in general but really enjoy jumping spiders; I had one as a companion in my study two years ago. I might never see this one again, but I'm hoping I do. I'm also hoping it eats some of the brown mamorated stinkbugs that perennially invade the house.
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