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The Dog's Breakfast beneath the Cut )
I was just scrolling through the DS assignment list, looking for something dull and easy to write about fruit trees or native plants or powdery mildew or any of the other garden-variety topics that are my bread and butter on DS, and I found the. best. DS. topic. evah.

And It's Mine, Preciousssss! All Mine! )
This morning, I saw what might not be the weirdest bumpersticker but certainly the most disturbing that I've seen in a while:

My Family Is Covered in the Blood of Jesus

Does this sound utterly horrifying to anyone else but me? Like this guy's family was part of the murder of Jesus and now stand around covered in his blood? I mean, it's not something like "washed in the blood of Jesus" but "covered," which--to me--is evocative of new stories about a grisly crime: "The murder weapon was found covered in blood.."


I am something of a connoisseur where bumperstickers are concerned, I'll admit. I read people's bumperstickers while riding in the car or walking through parking lots; I'll go out of my way to drive behind someone who has a lot of bumperstickers or one that looks interesting but is not easily read from afar.

Probably the weirdest wasn't a sticker but was painted directly onto the back of a dumptruck:

Dumpin With The Lord

Well, I'm sure the Lord is just thrilled that this guy is out dumpin with him. Bobby and I saw this one years ago and laugh about it still to this day. One time, one of us mentioned it to the other in earshot of his (Catholic) grandmother, and she got really upset, thinking that we were making a mockery of "the Lord." Ai.

The award for the funniest combination of bumper-art was the guy who had a giant decal of Jesus taking up the entire back window of his SUV. The only other adornment on his vehicle, directly below Jesus's sweet, tormented face:

My Kid Beat Up Your Honor Student

This was interesting to me. I'm not a Christian so I'm always learning new things about Christianity, like the fact that it's possible to like Jesus and also support the beating up of socially inept geeks simply because a few of their brain cells talk to each other. Wow! Somehow, I always had trouble picturing Jesus making a proclamation that would lend any such idea, but what do I know?

Of course, I can't let myself off so easily. The bumper-art on the back of my car is intentionally ironic because it never hurts to poke fun at oneself so long as one does not poke hard or in the eye. I have two bumperstickers:

I Brake For Elves
Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, for You are Crunchy and Good with Ketchup

Immediately beneath those, I have a Reality Bites fish. If one in one hundred people gets the humor, my work here is done.
Last weekend, Mom and I went about making my Elfy costume for the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I've been wanting an Elf costume for about three years now, but Ren Fest season always comes with a myriad of excuses to postpone it for yet another year. Last year was scuba training, for example. But this year, Mom and I were determined that I would have my costume. So, through much rigmarole, we acquired a pattern and material suitable for an Elf costume. I already had the ears from last year, though I needed a bit more specialized makeup to make them look authentic.

All that was left was to sew together the costume. It was a huge costume, consisting of roughly 6.5 yd/m of fabric. On top of that, the pattern was wonky and required a major adjustment halfway through when we discovered that the top of the dress had about a 5 inch/12.5 cm gap in the back. Mom and I worked steadily for two days last weekend, then she finished it up this week. Aside from a bag I made in middle-school home economics class, it was the biggest sewing project I'd undertaken yet, but I had a lot of fun, and the dress turned out great.

So ... off to the Ren Fest we went this weekend! Of course, I made Bobby take pictures of the costume before we departed and I got sweaty/dirty/droopy-looking.

Behold Dawn the Dork in Her Elf Costume! (and a Spooky Spider behind the House) )

Finally, for all you former (and current) D&D players, behold The DM of the Rings, a very funny comic where the characters from the Lord of the Rings movies are recast as a bunch of hapless and clueless role-players working their way through a D&D adventure. If you've ever played--and especially if you've ever DMed--it is hilarious. I laughed loud enough that I began to worry Bobby, and after putting up with me for eleven years now, that is a feat.

Finally (finally), those who are awaiting the Green Knight story, I think I finished it tonight, so now it's on to a much-needed revise/rewrite. My goal is to start posting it by Wednesday, 12 September. If I set a deadline, then I am more likely to actually work on revising it versus procrastinating and hoping for  a helpful brownie to do it for me. It will be friend-locked for its own protection, so if there are any lurkers out there dying to read Dawn's non-canonical version of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, now is the time to let me know so that I may add you.
Random! )
I'm caught up! *happy dance* All of my drabble series are written and posted, all of my LJ comments are answered. I answered all of my long Pit of Voles comments the other day and so just have a few little ones to take care of. Whee!

It only took...twelve days?

Oh, I forgot to mention twelve days ago that I did complete NaNoWriMo again this year, clocking 51K words as of 29 November. I didn't write the last day because it was my last day of work before Ocean City, so I spent it getting the office presentable so that I didn't come back to a mess. The novel still isn't finished, but it's getting really close. And I pretty much hate the last section, but that's why Eru invented revision and rewrite. I'll be doing a lot of both, I suspect.

Other Random Thoughts from the Life of Dawn )

ETA! Dawn's Christmas Stocking )
Yeah, it's me. That girl called "Dawn Felagund" (who also answers to "Felak"--pretty effed up, since that's one of her male characters--"the 'gund" or just plain "Dawn") who usually updates daily or so and has apparently fallen off of the face of the earth. Well, except for fannish things, but when I'm eighty, I doubt I'll look back at my journal and much care that "Oh yay, I posted Chapter Five of 'The Tapestries'!" Except to hopefully marvel at how crappy my writing was back when I was a mere babe at age twenty-five.

Sooo...Life Update Shtuff )
All and Sundry in Tidy, Numerical Format )
Well, it's official: My little sister Sharon and her girlfriend of two years have tied the knot. *pops the cork on some sparkling cider since Sharon's straight-edge and won't drink champagne* So now she's an old married lady like me with full rights to gripe if Kirsty consistently leaves the kitchen lights on or fails to turn her clothes out before putting them into the laundry.

They're in London on honeymoon and aren't here to see it, but here's some obnoxious marquee spam done in their honor!


Sharon is probably regreting the day that she ever agreed to teach me basic HTML and therefore opened a can of worms for me to discover the marquee tag!

Other News )
I got my car back yesterday! Whee!

It smells like fresh paint and drives like it always did. It's so familiar, like coming home. Aaaah...the steering wheel shakes if I go too fast, the automatic windows don't close very well...but it's my car. I liked the mental rental and all, but it wasn't mine. I couldn't toss garbage about. (Well, I could...but I'd have to clean it up in a somewhat timely fashion.) Also, I couldn't listen to my iPod in the mental rental, as it did not have a tape deck. Listening to bona fide radio with commercials and all has done terrible things to my soul over the last week-and-a-half. And it didn't have a trip-o-meter. So I had to get gas judging by the gas gauge rather than when I've driven 300 miles since my last fill-up. The horror!

Meanwhile, I've been plugging through Easter candy. I don't even like Easter, no, but the candy molds are really cute. I'm also making a Cut for the benefit of French Pony, who disagrees that this particular combination deserves OTP status ) There will be pictures of all; I've yet to post the pics of my Valentine's stuff. So expect a big candy!spam in the near future.

In terms of writing, I'm trying to slowly get caught up on edit/beta work. Proudly, I finished my first batch of submissions for Antithesis Common yesterday. And [ profile] ann_arien stuck this smut bunny on my leg that first demanded a novella and now occupies most of my waking thoughts. From PWP to novella...that's something only sick people like Dawn Felagund can manage!

And I've gotten completely addicted to RPing in [ profile] themidhavens. And it's all Jenni's fault 'cause she's on the computer at the same time that I am and so we just comment back and forth. ;) But it's such fun and my first time really RPing. (*ahem* *nudges other [ profile] themidhavens members, who all have me on their flists and so can't hide* Y'all can do the same thing too, you know. Character-building is fun! Really, it is! And it's shocking how much more meaning the game has when you actually care about the character you're playing! /diatribe, back to regularly scheduled rambling)

So tonight we go to The Melting Pot for bowls of cheese and chocolate with my sister, since she's leaving for England next week and we've been promising her bowls of cheese and chocolate at The Melting Pot for years now. My parents are going too, and I really hope that they don't ruin it. We invited them to be polite, expecting that my dad would never go for fondue ("OMG! Something I've never tried!" *bestills heart and faints*) and Sharon scoffed and said just that, so of course he had to go just to spite her. (Gotta love family drama where 63-year-old men act like five-year-olds.) But this is most likely my last dinner out with my sister before she leaves, and if he ruins it by bitching and whining the whole time, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to go off. Yes, a bitch is going to have to go crazy on someone's ass. And it's not going to be pretty.

So let's just hope for a nice, peaceful, fun supper at The Melting Pot.

Now, I'm really hungry and I think I'll treat myself to Panera Bread since I have to wait until eight o'clock for bowls of cheese and chocolate tonight. They have this fantastically evol vegetarian soup called Fiesta con Queso (yes, "Party with Cheese") and they used to serve it on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Alas, on Tuesday, they didn't have it. I hope they just switched days and didn't get rid of it entirely. It was the best soup to drag a piece of bread through.
Wow, what a weekend! I was busy from start to finish but only in the delightful, fun way that involves getting slightly misplaced in the woods, writing lots of HTML/CSS code, and not nearly enough napping. Of course, that means that I am behind on my beta-reading again. (Apologies to Alina and Cheryl.) It seems to be either 1) get behind on beta-reading or 2) get behind on everything else. I'm always behind on my own writing, regardless.

Before the rambling gets underway, I would like to pimp my sister. Again. I pimped her last week with regards to a piece she'd written on "gay adoption." Over the course of the week, I've had the urge to pimp nearly every one of her subsequent posts. But rather than do that, I am just pimping my sister. She is (obviously) very interested in GLBT issues and posts articles and commentary on a pretty regular basis. (She's also a good poet, but I'm crap at poetry so I can't say much more than that!) Since I know that a lot of people on my flist are interested in these issues, I am encouraging you to friend my sister and read her stuff. I asked her, and she says that does not mind and has wanted to friend some of you whose comments she's read in my LJ or to whom she has "spoken" but isn't into Elves and so didn't want to infringe on our happy fandom bubble...but I told her, "Infringe away!" We can talk about more than just Celegorm's hair color and care more about whether Maedhros or Feanor is hotter! (For the record, it's Maedhros. While Celegorm's hair color is debatable, there's no argument there. *hides from Alina and Arandil*)

Her LJ name is [ profile] ssotknapsack. The most recent entry of hers that I read was an article on "gay adoption" as it relates to Catholic charities in the US and the foolishness of preferring that children remain unadopted and "in the system" than going into a home with loving parents who want them. Being straight and able to skip about in my happy la-la land with my husband where our love is sanctioned and we could have or adopt children if we wanted to, these things often slip under the radar for me, but I find myself grinding my teeth to stumps reading about how ignorant, bigoted, and cruel people can be. But that is a rant I've made many times before and will save now for another time.

I've seen this meme floating around. On my flist, [ profile] mirien had it first, but I've seen it elsewhere since then. It seems rather interesting, perhaps cathartic, and a little dangerous. So here goes.

List 10 things you want to say to people but know you never will. Don't say who they are.

For the record, no one being badmouthed in this meme is on my flist. Which lessens the danger but also the chance of feelings being accidentally hurt. Because I love y'all and you wouldn't be on my flist if I thought you were a pain in the ass. Also, I can't guarantee that I won't say some of these things. The nice things, of course, I'd say. The mean things...well, I have been known to exhibit a rather Feanorian temper....

The Truth Meme )

Whee. That was kind of fun in a completely evol way. >:^]

The Weekend! )

The Weekend

Mar. 6th, 2006 02:18 pm
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Friday, I woke up with the dreadful cold that would then haunt me for days to come. Thinking that if I ignored it, it would go away, I went to work as usual. I kept my Friday-night plans with Bobby as usual. We went out to dinner and were planning on trying Cold Stone Creamery afterward (to check out the competition, right?) Except that after finishing dinner, I started getting bad chills, and I thought it was best to take a raincheck on a frozen dessert. So we went home and watched Napoleon Dynamite.

(Hence the icon. It's a liger. It's, like, my favorite animal. It's a cross between and lion and a tiger, bred for skills in magic. *snickers*)

Apparently ligers really exist. So it seems a girl can even learn something from Napoleon Dynamite. Whodda thunk it? (Although it seems that real ligers are not bred for skills in magic.)

Saturday, Bobby's teammates and one of my sole female friends who is not family came over for the day. We walked around Ellicott City, had an early supper, and finally went to Cold Stone Creamery.

My Opinion of the Competition )

Meanwhile, in historic Ellicott City, there is a restaurant storefront for lease. I whimper whenever I pass it. I want it soooo badly! But I don't think I could afford the price tag, and I don't have nearly enough to bribe a bank to give me a loan. What could I offer them? "Please, take my 2000 Suzuki Esteem with 70K miles on it!" "Please, take my costume jewelry collection!" "Please, take my pet unicorn/mascot!" (Yeah right...Nelyo's not going anywhere!)

Yesterday, I went to the candy-supply store. You know the saying, "Like a kid in a candy store"? It should be "Like Dawn Felagund in a candy-supply store"! I got so many ideas and could have spent $200...but I held myself to $37. And bought only what I needed. And a mold for making rollerskate-shaped chocolate lollipops, but I could not pass on that one!

Today: work. Boring. My cold is almost gone except for a nagging cough, but I'd sooner have that than a dripping faucet-nose. Bobby and I went out to lunch at The Piece for our fifth great experience in a row.

Last night, of course, to make up for the fact that I socialized all weekend and paid them no attention, the muses got revenge on me. By keeping me awake. For almost three hours.

A happy Winter Solstice to everyone! I like the Winter Solstice: not only does it kick off the holiday season, but it means that the days have no choice but to get longer and brighter. No more mushroom feeling, going into work when the sun is rising and leaving after it has set. And it is finally officially winter, although it has felt like winter in Maryland for weeks now. But it feels rather ridiculous, to me, to be shivering in 18-degree weather while it's still autumn.

Normally, I do drabbles when the seasons change, based on the themes and feelings associated with that season. I'd love to do some winter drabbles and hope to do one or two at least, but I've still got holiday stories to finish. So that's my priority at the moment. But, as usual, those of you who are inspired to do winter drabbles, I would love to see them! And hopefully, I'll have a little something to give back.

A few announcement-type things: (It occurs to me, sometimes, in ten years, how I will look upon these sorts of posts.)

To [ profile] mirien, [ profile] tuxedo_elf, and [ profile] tabruan, I got your cards yesterday! All on the same day! Wow, and thank you--what a wonderful surprise to come home to. *hugs to you all*

Now, before I give my next bit of news, I would like all of you to recall that, until recently, there was only one posting of AMC per week. And you all survived. So....

I'm not going to be posting on Friday for this one week. I'm taking the day off to do holiday things and have lunch with my husband, that kind of stuff. My apologies, but AMC will be back twice per week next Tuesday.

If it's any consolation, the very next day, I will unlock twenty-odd holiday gift stories, so if you're really that hungry for something to read, that should keep you occupied for a good week or two. :^P

Other Random-Type Things )


Dec. 19th, 2005 02:29 pm
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Totally Random Shtuff )

Oh, and I'm in the process of catching up on my friend's page. I saw so many entries to which I wanted to write long, loooong comments, but I know my tendencies toward logorrhea*, and I have so much to do...but I'm reading along and enjoying keeping up with everyone, per usual. :)

*Logorrhea is my new favorite word. It means excessive talking, and I think I fit that bill. Plus it sounds gross--but it's really not.
Sorry to subject everyone to another tired post. I feel like Eeyore, moping around, going, "Oh, bother...." (Did I spell Eeyore correctly? I've never been much of a Pooh person, despite enduring the mock-nickname "Pooh Bear" for most of my ten years with Bobby.)

Randomness )
I have fifteen minutes to write before leaving to clean my parents' gutters, which are apparently beginning to sprout saplings. So here goes....

The Week in Fifteen Minutes of Frantic Typing )

Now off to clean gutters....


Nov. 7th, 2005 01:10 pm
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I have just eclipsed the NaNoWriMo halfway point and currently stand at 25,179 words.

Excuse me while I do a happy dance....

*happy dance*

The story is addictive to write. It is also very dark, darker than I expected, but since it is about evil sorcery, that doesn't seem too odd and is probably actually a good thing. It is also only at something like outline point 3 out of something like 30 so--go figure--it's also going to be long.

Other random points to mention:

My office is filled with ladybugs. The other day, I counted twenty of them; there are slightly less today, but they're still quite populous. They happen around this time every year and in the spring. I like them though. They're cute.

Anyone willing to do an exorcism on a computer, please let me know. My work comp all but spit pea soup on me today. It first decided not to shut down on Friday (which, being impatient to leave, I did not discover until today). Then it decided that it didn't want to send stuff to the printer any faster than a page every twenty seconds, which makes printing a thirty-page warrant packet an interesting endeavor. It also disagreed with the notion that we should scan warrants into the computer. And so we didn't, and they are sitting in a big pile on the desk.

State comps...grrrr...good only for writing NaNoWriMo novels!
I think it is official that my Earwen/Arafinwe fic is going to be a novella. *sigh*

Of course, in fan fiction, this isn't as lamentable as when an original-fic bunny turns into a novella. That is the point at which you wash your 20K-word dream down the publication drain.

My favorite piece of original fiction, actually, is a novella. It's something around 20,000 words, a futuristic piece (but not sci-fi) that just sort of happened. My husband liked it. It was also probably the first time that I even hinted at the existence of sex in a story. Perhaps I should post it, in small installments, f-locked of course. There are literary magazines that accept novellas, but they are far and few between, and I just never bothered.

Maybe I should bother. Hmmm.

So, anyway, the Arafinwe/Earwen is going to be a novella. It is currently at 9,618 words, but that counts my author's notes at the end. It's already heavy for a short story. I could easily take on a few different PoVs and make this a novel--the idea has really seized me--but I'm not going to do that because then, come December, I'll be editing AMC and my NaNo novel and writing this one, I'm just not going to do that.

So it will be a novella. *sigh*

Meanwhile, I am so excited for NaNoWriMo. My poor husband has to listen to me squee over it every day and chatter about how close it is and how I can't wait.... What would I do, if I didn't write? I wonder about that sometimes. Well, I'd have time to watch Lost, about which I am intensely curious. My apartment would be cleaner; my laundry would always be caught up. I could finish reading a novel in more than six weeks. (I've renewed Oates' My Heart Laid Bare three times now at the library and still haven't finished it, but oh, it is a wonderful book!) I'd be fluent in CSS. I'd be taking cake decorating. I'd be doing a lot of things that don't involve wasting hours a day on writing.

Wasting? *sigh* Listen to me....

The apartment smells like peanut butter. It is that time of the year when my home smells like either chocolate or peanut butter most of the time, in other words, holiday candy time. Usually, I do elaborately painted candies that take literally hours to complete, but this year, I'm doing filled chocolates instead. It shouldn't take as long, and it always annoys me when people open the box, gasp at the pretty colored chocolates, and then say, "But I can't eat anything so pretty!" Thanks--I'm glad the four hours I threw away on that batch will end up in your garbage next year because of your unwillingness to eat them. One year, I made chocolate gift tags, writing each person's name in chocolate, fully edible. No one wanted to eat those either, and those buggers took a helluva long time to finish. (Have you ever tried to write in chocolate? It's not easy.)

So, tonight, I started on peanut butter filling for peanut butter cups. I also meant to make caramel, but I forgot to pick up cream at the store, so that will have to wait for next week.


Oct. 19th, 2005 10:31 pm
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Yes, you heard the agnostic say it. Eru.

Oh, and: WTF?

Okay, that sounds more like me.

Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy.... )

I should warn people now of the impending doom that is NaNoWriMo.

If you want me to do beta or review work for you, send it now. If I have it already, then I will have it finished by 1 November. If I get it close to November, you probably won't see it until early/mid-December. By then, hopefully, I will have been released from the Spring Grove Mental Hospital. Maybe they'll let me beta from there? Although typing will be hard in a straightjacket.

I will continue to read my flist. As for comments, I will probably make less and make less sense. But I'll keep up, I swear.

The drabble of the day will be suspended until December.

I will do my best to keep posting AMC. I think I have enough chapters finished to post through November, but I'm getting to some of the chapters requiring total overhaul, and if one of those appears in November, then it's just going to have to wait until December to be rewritten.

I will, of course, continue managing [ profile] silwritersguild. *cuddles fandom baby*

Oh, and I should mention! To those of you out there who write Silmarillion drabbles or do Silmarillion art: [ profile] allie_meril and I will be leading a discussion of The Silmarillion for the Henneth-Annun Yahoo! list, starting in the new year.

I am building us a small website, where we will display amateur artwork and drabbles pertaining to each chapter.

I would love for any one of you to submit your work. Please email me with links or copies (whichever is easiest for you) at and/or Allie at

We are looking for canon shortfic (probably 200 words max, although I'd consider longer stuff). No AU, no slash or sex of any kind, nothing above a solid family-friendly rating. Pieces should pertain to a canon character or event of The Silmarillion, so OC-intensive pieces probably won't work as well. (Unless it's one of those gems from the perspective of a "random soldier" or something. But if involves your OFC having wild, hott sex with Maedhros, while I'd love to read it, it probably won't fit what we need.)

Okay, I think that's all I have to say for now.


Good night :)
Yes, as some of you know, I am again without Internet at work, for the third time in four months.

The first time, some nit put me on the wrong server and my boss was on vacation, and so it didn't get resolved for a week. The second time, the DOC landscapers chewed the wire with a lawnmower. This time, some eejit took the turn coming around to our building too quickly and crashed into the pole.

So if I am long in replying to comments or emails, this is why. Sorry :( I'm not sure when it will be fixed. They had a guy in a bucket working on it this afternoon, but that doesn't necessarily mean resolution.

Other Stuff )