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This was not my first rodeo. I went to my first rally in DC when I was twelve years old. While I've never been intensely active politically, I've marched and rallied across the years for the causes most near and dear to my heart.

When I bought my bus ticket for the Women's March on Washington, I expected it to be more of the same. It would be fun, uplifting, and energizing to spend the day elbow to elbow with people who find meaningful the same things I do. It would certainly be the most adventurous march I've attended but only because, this time, I would be coming from eleven hours away, from Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, rather than less than an hour outside of DC.

It wasn't more of the same. This was an experience like no other I've ever had before. Read more... )


Jun. 23rd, 2014 06:44 pm
dawn_felagund: (newgrange)
Bobby and I made the journey into DC yesterday to see Xavier Rudd at the 9:30 Club. If you don't know who Xavier Rudd is and like rock music with an international flair, then you should know who he is. I'll put two of my favorite songs below the cut. He is an Australian artist who plays a variety of instruments. He rocks the didgeridoo so hard that Bobby bought a beginner one and plays it in the backyard at night. Xavier's music chiefly centers on themes concerning environmentalism and the rights of Aboriginal people.

Bobby and I caught the Metro into town and had a delicious dinner at Rosa Mexicano before the show. The 9:30 Club will always be forever epic in my mind because, when my sister and I first became interested in rock music, it seemed that all the good bands played there. My sister even won tickets once in a radio-station giveaway to see the band Garbage, but my mom refused to drive anywhere more than about ten minutes from home, so we weren't allowed to go. I finally got to go for the first time a few years ago to see Scythian. It's a club. A pretty dark and slightly dingy one! But it's the 9:30 Club, that source of so much mystique and longing from my adolescence.

The 9:30 Club and Xavier )

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