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Shamelessly stolen from [personal profile] independence1776 because this seems fun as all get-out ...

Pick a day and ask me a question, propose a topic, etc, and I will write about it on that day. This can be fandom meta, real life stuff, whatever you want to hear me ramble about! (No fic prompts, please.)

Comment with what you want me to talk about and the date you'd like me to post it.

I will put the schedule behind the cut and update it as regularly as I can.

May 1: What if Celegorm had managed to kill Luthien when he shot at her? (T)

May 2:

May 3:

May 4: Did you watch the premier of A Handmaid's Tale and what did you think about it?

May 5: My pets

May 6:

May 7: What's it like being an initiated Druid in the 21st century? Is it a blend of ancient/modern beliefs?

May 8:

May 9:

May 10:

May 11: I'm curious about what you (and Bobby) see as your goals for the next few years of your life, looking ahead from the perspective of your youth. Do you (and Bobby) think you'll stand firm on those goals for yourself(ves) or do you see yourself(ves) being more malleable and able to move as circumstances arise?

May 12: Do you think Finrod Felagund ever got to meet Bilbo and Frodo?

May 13: What's the most unusual vegetable you've grown in your garden and did you like it?

May 14:

May 15:

May 16:

May 17: least and most favorite thing about living in Vermont

May 18:

May 19:

May 20: favorite Tolkien character I have not written a lot

May 21:

May 22: What is your agrarian vision for your abode 5 years from now? What other crops and livestock do you hope to raise? And flowers?

May 23:

May 24:

May 25:

May 26:

May 27: Have you ever visited a 'tall' ship, such as the USS Constitution?

May 28:

May 29:

May 30:

May 31:
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