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After a day of crazy posting, at last, the holiday gift stories are unlocked.

First of all, I must give sincerest thanks to [ profile] juno_magic, who clued me in to Deepest Sender for LiveJournal, saving me hours of inserting HTML tags as I usually do. It was much easier to cut and paste and tinker with the source rather than my usual habit of scanning the story for italics, centering, or special text and adding the tags by hand, which is fine when posting a single chapter or story, but gets a bit hairy when you have twenty stories to post.

But enough of geek stuff! It's the holidays!

I must say that I really enjoyed working on these stories this year. I've acquired a lot of new bunnies as a result and thank you all for giving me such a creative variety of challenges to keep me occupied. (I'm not sure that Bobby will agree with this...he'll probably be glad to ask, "What are you doing tonight?" and getting an answer other than "Writing holiday gifts." :^P But I didn't hear him complain when I gave him his story.)

All of the holiday stories are tagged here, if you want to see them all in one place. In addition, below the cut, is a list of them with summaries and ratings and other things that people generally like to know. Two of the stories are original fiction, and they are friend-locked for their protection, as they are part of the legends that make up the world I write about in my original fantasy stories. So if you've been reading along with my stories and haven't yet friended me but want a look at these, simply leave me a comment and I'll add you to the flist.

Of course, as I wrote twenty stories in about a month, they are rough and many need a lot of revision before I'll consider showing them outside of my LJ. Per usual, I appreciate people's thoughts on stuff--both good and bad--if you feel inspired to leave me a comment. Also, three of these stories will be part of longer works, although I've done my best to include sections that can stand on their own somewhat.

I should mention also that they are posted in no particular order, certainly not in the order they were written. More like the order in which I grabbed them at random from my Data Deposit Box! So the placement of your story is no indication of how interesting I thought your idea was (I liked them all, to tell the truth) or how long I spent on it. A lot of the posts are also backdated to keep my flist from being spammed with a half-dozen postings today.

Sincerest thanks, as always, to my readers and wishing all the happiest of holiday seasons!

Story Summary List )

Happy Holidays!
[ profile] alassante asked for a Fëanorian drabble. Now, seeing as I wrote full stories for everyone else, it seemed a bit unappreciative of Alassante--who has become a good friend in just a few weeks--to give her a mere hundred words. So I hope you don't mind, Al, that I've expanded on your request a bit and did a drabble series for you about your favorite Elf Curufinwë and his son Celebrimbor.

(By the way, I apologize if I got his Quenya name wrong; I got it from a dubious Internet source. Please feel free to correct my spelling.)

In this series, first Curufin, then Celebrimbor, ponder their heritage and its impositions on their freedom. Indeed, I have always wondered that all of the Finwions seem their own people, but Fëanaro, Curufin, and Celebrimbor seem like slightly varied versions of each other. But that is a ramble for another time. :)

This drabble series is rated a nice safe general with no particular warnings.

Reflections of Curufinwë )
Tarion asked for a meeting between the sons of Finarfin and Caranthir, preferably with a bit of angst. As I came into this story after writing a lot of the heavier stuff, this story turned into something of a funny affair, but it talks about teenaged first love quite a bit, so angst is guaranteed, although hopefully of the funny variety.

([ profile] alassante, you asked how Caranthir can possibly star in a comedy: Here ya go! :^D)

Here, a young Caranthir discovers the foolishness that pretty girls inspire in teenaged boys and falls in love with someone most inaccessible. This story is rated general, although I can't guarantee that Caranthir's ramblings don't border on sickeningly saccharine and inane at times and that he doesn't make the occasional boob comment. He is a teenaged boy after all.

When the Stars Smile )
[ profile] myrsine asked for Fingolfin and Lalwen behind closed doors, where Fingolfin need not be so uptight as he often is in public, in Felak!verse. Since I'd never done any work with the daughters of Finwë, this was a neat opportunity to start working on their characters. Alas, yesterday, while driving home from work, my thoughts turned to doing an AMC-type novel about the home life of the younger children of Finwë, including those who only make appearances in HoMe.

In other words, [ profile] myrsine, you've done a nice job of lodging some bunnies on my poor, overbitten ankles!

This tale follows Fingolfin and Lalwen on the night that Fëanor reveals the Silmarils for the first time to his half-family. The rating is a nice safe general and I have no special warnings to give...enjoy!

The Puppet )
Curuevo asked for a story about Macalaurë and Fëanaro--a nice story about Macalaurë and Fëanaro. Since my Macalaurë and Fëanaro muses don't often like to play nice together, this proved quite the challenge.

I've often pondered the notion of Macalaurë writing a song for his father. Given the natures of both characters, it seems reasonable that it would come up between them. Those who have read AMC know that I've explored this idea in that story as well, but this story takes a different look at it.

This is actually, in all likelihood, going to be much longer, probably a novella, covering the duration of Fëanaro's life. This is the first section--or movement, if you want to keep with the symphony theme--about Macalaurë's first attempt to capture his father in music. I ask for your forgiveness, Curuevo, because it's very rough I think, and I will have to do a lot of revising in the future. But it's nice enough that I'm not ashamed to post it, so here you go. :)

I'm giving this story a general rating, although there is some nudity in it, so if you don't like to think about naked Elves, either skip the story or give them little mental bathing suits. Whatever suits you best.

A Symphony for My Father )
Juno provided for me an interesting holiday gift challenge: write a story containing a purple scarf, a nightingale, a waterfall, pointy ears, and the naked Elves of my choice.

Well, my choice of a naked Elf is more a naked half-Elf, if we want to keep the lineage of the sons of Elrond simple, but given that Juno is likely Elrond's number one fangurl, I somehow didn't think she'd mind.

In this tale, Elladan succumbs to a strange calling and discovers certain hurts are healed by love...given the challenge on which this story is built, it gets an adult rating for sexuality.

The Music of the Night )
Isil requested a Glorfindel/OFC NC17 romance. This story is just that: two lovers' first--and last--night together, on an infamous night in the history of Gondolin. Don't worry, though, Isil, it has a happy ending. ;)

If Isil's request didn't clue you in, this story is quite deserving of an adult rating for graphic heterosexual sex.

The Last Night of the World )
[ profile] sirielle asked for a story about Maedhros remembering the tales Finwe told the boys about Cuivienen and his adventures there, either in Aman or in Sirion. Well, I didn't quite manage Sirion, but I got Aman and Middle-earth, at the rising of the the Silmaril in the West.

I'm keeping this story at a general rating, although please be forewarned that there is some icky violence in this story.

Memories of Cuiviénen ) 
A rather ridiculous conversation between Tux, Jenni, and I inspired this next story. Tux asked for a longish one-shot of Celegorm/Oromë humor. Fëanor gets lost in the woods and has a bit of a misunderstanding about the antics of his third son with a certain Vala....

Just to be safe, I'm giving this story an adult warning for shameless innuendo and naked!Celegorm.

Fëanor's Mistake )
[ profile] frenchpony shares my difficulty in expressing specifics as to gifts, so her request for "something Tolkien that you think I'd like" is one that I sympathize with. :) I hope I've done an acceptable job!

A while back, we had a discussion about the father-names of the F
ëanorian boys and how it might have been received with fifth-born Curufinwë was given the same name as his father. Nothing in canon, so far as I know, tells whether it was an honor to bear the same name as one's father, but I can't help but think that it might have been a special honor. And so this story, from Macalaurë's point-of-view, is what might have happened at the naming of Curufinwë.

This story is rated general; and I have no warnings to express. It seems I've behaved for once! Enjoy!

Essecarmë )
Eni asked for grown-up Maedhros, Maglor, and Fingon (with a slash pairing if I/they wanted it), with one happy moment and one naughty-but-nice moment (het or slash), with a cameo by a bumblebee and extra points for the inclusion of a bowl of cherries.

Whew! I think I managed all that!

I am giving this story an adult rating for all that naught-but-nice action going on there. I should mention that there is a heterosexual pairing (Maglor/OFC) and discussion of slash (but nothing graphic on that front. Hey, this is my first mention of slash evah in a story, so I think I deserve some credit for that! ;^D)

In this tale, Magor's wife Vinagarië discovers the true nature of her brother-in-law's relationship with his cousin. I'm leaving it at that.... ;^)

Discovering Love )
[ profile] rhapsody11 missed my initial invitation to request stories, but already, I had in mind that I would write something for her, because she posted a holiday wish list, and one of the items was a request for holiday-themed stories.

So here's my best attempt at a nice story that includes both Feanorians and holiday themes, as Celegorm ponders gifts given and received on the journey north to Araman.

May you get all your wishes and more. :)

The Gift )
Uli asked for a happy holiday story rife with blood and gore, more specifically, the death of the 3C Feanorian sons and the desertion of Elured and Elurin in Doriath. And so here is your (slightly bloodied up) holiday story, my dear! I hope you enjoy. :)

(Do I need to post a warning for blood and gore? Since it's a bloody/gory story about a kinslaying. Okay, just to keep the people happy: Please be aware that this story contains blood and violence yadda yadda yadda.)

Mercy )
Allie asked for a story about how Nerdanel came to leave Fëanaro, preferrably from the points of view of both characters. You are right, Allie, in that this scene and all of the smaller conflicts briefly touched upon in this tale will one day be part of the epic on which I am working, but this was a great chance to explore this moment now, and I hope you enjoy.

This story is rated for adults only for reasons of some sexuality. Nothing too graphic, but I'm playing it safe.

Estranged )
Alina challenged me to write a naughty fic between Fëanaro and a being equal or greater than him in power, such as one of the Valar. She used Fëanaro/Arien as an example, and I was captivated. I couldn't resist. And so here is the (rather unconventional) pairing of Fëanaro and the Maia who would later guide the Sun.

Needless to say, this story is related to adults only for reasons of sexual content.

To Dream of Fire )
[ profile] arandil13 asked for angry, angsty Fëanor and Nerdanel, some time after their estrangement, meeting again, preferrably with a non-marital-bickering argument. Well, I don't know how well I did on the last part, as I've learned that my characters don't like being told how to talk to each other. Damn characters. But they do disagree quite a bit and it becomes suitably passionate.

I'm keeping this story with a general rating, although (surprise surprise!) there is some sexuality in it. Doh. It's Nerdanel and Fëanor. They had seven kids. It's as close to canon as you can get, and I just can't help myself.

One Last Wish )
Jenni asked for a story involving grown up Celegorm in a romantic heterosexual relationship. With sex. Hott sex.

I must say that I love friends who ask for Elf pr0n for Christmas!

Set after the fall of Nargothrond, Celegorm returns to a Himring that buzzes with shameful rumor. Amidst this, though, he finds the most unlikely haven of comfort.

And, to quote Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that. If you want to know more, you have to read the story.

Oh, and [ profile] tarion_anarore, I believe that you volunteered to be one of the women in this story? Just let me know which one.... ;^P

Do I really need to put a warning on this story? The fact that it was requested by Jenni should be the first clue. If you don't know Jenni, the presence of hott sex and the implication that more than one woman is involved should be the second. Still, if you're that dense, this story is rated for adults only for reasons of graphic sexual content.

Tales Unheard )
[ profile] fanged_geranium asked for a short story that includes a conversation between grown-up Finrod and Finarfin. Actually, I ended up being seized by a rather large plotbunny on this one, and so this is the first bit of what will likely become a novella someday. But I think that the first part does well enough on its own as a short story.

In this tale, Finarfin is called to the Halls of Mandos for his son's re-embodiment, where he ponders the loss of his children and the sacrifices he would have made to change their eventual fates. Please be aware that this story contains scary imagery, violence, and some sexuality.

Return to Me )
Aramel requested a story about Elrond and Elros, during their life with the Fëanorians, when they learn in one way or another about the fate of Eluréd and Elurín. And so, for you, Aramel, are two hott Fëanorians, two angsty little Elflings...and a partridge in a pear tree. ;^)

A Song and a Story )