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This thing, which is technically a response to the SWG's "Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song" challenge (using the Smashing Pumpkins' song "Thirty-Three" that was in fact an Important Song to the nascent love story of Dawn and Bobby Felagund), got out of control because it was also inspired in myriad ways by the Mereth Aderthad, most obviously [personal profile] grundyscribbling's idea of the Feanorian Family Vacation and [personal profile] hrymfaxe's request for fail!sex. It ended up *gulp* 15,000 words, which probably means that just my hardcore readers will bother with it, but at least it was fun (if long!) to write. Here is the Official SummaryTM from the SWG archive:

Against Maedhros's wishes, Fingon is off to a summer retreat in the mountains, a retreat designed by the Valar for newly reembodied Elves. Amid games of kickball and group therapy, Fingon makes a friend, discovers the Noldor haven't actually invented everything, and begins to grasp the complexities of his post-reembodiment relationship with Maedhros. Maedhros/Fingon, set in my Republic of Tirion verse.

I am just posting it to the SWG for now: Swans. I will likely cross-post it later this weekend; preparing a 15K-word story for posting is tedious and I'm ready to be done with it for tonight!

I also finally created a series for these Fifth-Age stories I've been writing lately--Republic of Tirion--so they're all in one place and in order.
Y'all. I wrote a piece of fiction! Do you know how happy this makes me because it suggests I might have a creative life again?!

The story is for Silver Trails, for the Around the Fire challenge the SWG has been running this quarter. ST asked for, "I would like a conversation between Caranthir and Maedhros, in Valinor, once they both leave the Halls of Mandos. Please don't write them at odds with each other." Which kinda had my name written all over it.

The summary of the story:

After wandering accidentally near to Mandos, Caranthir encounters a procession delivering his newly reembodied brother back to the world: Maedhros. Caranthir breaks into his tent, and the two discuss healing, mutability, and the things that will never change.

It's kind of a creepy weird story because I'm kind of a creepy weird person I like to write that kind of thing. There are allusions to Maedhros's canonical suicide, so tread with care if this is something likely to bother you.

If you think this might be your cup of tea, then you can read "Bone-White" on the SWG, AO3, or MPTT.
Yesterday was official Planting Day in the House of Felagund, so I spent about six hours outside in the garden, doing various chores to prepare and plant the non-hardy plants. My mind wanders where the stars are strange during such times, and I wrote a poem ... or rather, fragments of a poem. Then I was settling down later to read and thwap! said poem smacked me in the side of the head and demanded to be written. So I did.

The summary on the SWG and AO3: Fëanor's death and its aftermath, as told by the Fëanorian bards and as it truly happened. A free-verse poem.

Speaking of, it is also posted on the SWG and AO3.

Notes on its inspiration are at the end. I'd love to hear what people think of it.

The Death of Fëanáro )

I have written the following ficlets for Summer Solstice. There are no particular warnings, and everything should be safe for general audiences. They are also posted at SWG and Many Paths to Tread. As always, comments--both positive and critical--are welcome at all places!

Summary: Aegnor sees Andreth for the first time on the Summer Solstice. A double drabble.

The Swift Flame )

Summary: Maedhros prepares for the Fifth Battle. A double drabble.

White Nights )

Summary: Nerdanel remembers joy. A drabble.

The Turning )
I am working on a post for The Heretic Loremaster and am really curious about how people see the attack on Sirion and its aftermath as it relates to Maedhros and Maglor, and Elrond and Elros. I would appreciate the input of anyone who wishes to take the following poll.

It's simple enough: Following are four scenarios common to Silmfic. Are they canon or not? Please don't belabor the point of "what is canon"; I am curious if they are canon based on how you define canon--not how I or anyone else does--whether that canon involves the Silm, the HoMe, or not. If you'd like to elaborate on your responses, please feel free to leave a comment.

And, also, if you know someone else who doesn't hang around here who might want to participate, do pass the word around! I would like to get as many responses as I can!

ETA: There are not necessarily correct answers to the "questions" in this poll. In fact, I think that any interpretation presented here can be argued for. I'm not looking to "quiz" participants but to get an idea how various people interpret the text(s) to derive what they view as "canon." Likewise, please don't feel that you need to look up what the books say before answering.

Thanks. :)

[Poll #1295658]

These small stories are for [ profile] rinnor, who said, "I'd like to see a story about forgiveness among the Noldor in Aman. Since they're an immortal people, and tribal, I imagine that social pressure would push both parties to resolve their differences, but that's my interpretation ... Whereas mortals can take a grudge to the grave, how does an immortal come to terms with a grievance against another, when s/he is likely to see the other party, well, forever."

This was a wonderfully thought-provoking challenge, one that I thought I could tackle two ways: in a novella (or longer) or as a series of shorter pieces. Needless to say, for now, I had to choose the latter. :)

Therefore, what follows are three fixed-length ficlets, each about a different kind of forgiveness among the Noldor. (Though only two take place in Aman ... I hope you can forgive me!) This series is a nice safe General rating on SWG, and I have no particular warnings to offer for any of these.

Young Fëanáro is confronted by his father about his biggest flaw: his inability to find forgiveness for his new half-brother. A quibble (500 words).

Unforgiving )

Maitimo learns from his baby brother about loss, pride, and forgiveness. A quadrabble (400 words).

Broken )

Nolofinwë on why even the most grievous deeds must be forgiven. 700 words.

The Spiderweb )

Almost caught up! Still more drabble-type things, written on a somewhat daily basis.

Finwë, upon returning to his people from Valinor, ponders the difficulty of putting into words what he has seen. I've gone for a slightly surreal feel here in hopes of maybe conveying what it was like for the early Elves, dwelling in a world where so many things are new to them and there is much still to understand. This is a tribble, 300 words.

Words to Tell )

Morgoth attempts to persuade Maedhros into encouraging his brothers' surrender. Please be forewarned that this piece contains torture and violence, nothing graphic, but possibly bothersome to some readers.

This piece is a drabunculus. As far as I know, I invented the drabunculus form; at the very least, I invented the name drabunculus. Drabunculus is like homunculus: It is a single drabble with drabbles inside of it. In this particular piece, each number of the count (One, Two, Three) marks the start of a new drabble, a new introspection from Nelyo. The "container" of these three drabbles is also a drabble, bringing the word count for the piece to exactly 400 words.

It's not a particularly easy form to write, and I always swear that each drabunculus will be my last. But the form seemed well suited for this particular piece, so I brought it out again.

This is going to be the last, though. ;)

Persuasion in Three Drops )

This is one of those double-purpose series again. It is first--like all of the ficlets and series here so far--inspired in part by the word of the day. It is also a birthday gift for Anglachel in response to her request on HASA for a story about a building.

I've chosen Fëanor's house in Formenos. I will make a quick note on canon interpretation before offering the story. In the Felakverse that I use for my stories, Formenos did exist before Fëanor used it as a fortress for hiding his treasures. It began as a mining town that developed a reputation for serving as a safe haven for craftsmen with extraordinary talent and eccentric tendencies. Hence Fëanor's attraction to it. He spent summers here for many years before his exile from Tirion; hence his decision to live and store his treasures there during his banishment.

The note that Formenos was built after Fëanor's exile was made my Christopher Tolkien, and I don't consider it canon as I have never found writings from J.R.R. Tolkien backing it up. The word Formenos does mean "northern fortress," and that is the only--and rather flimsy, in my opinion--evidence behind CT's addition to the index that I have found.

So here are three drabbles and three double-drabbles about Fëanor's house in Formenos. Happy birthday, Anglachel!

ETA: This ficlet became immensely popular after I first posted it on my daily drabble on SWG and on the birthday-card forum on HASA. It's one of my favorites too, though, so I'm not complaining!

The House of Unexpected Light )

A silly little ficlet in 700 words. Celegorm gets stuck in a window, and Caranthir helps him out. Featuring hedgehogs, neglected laundry duty, and a bit of bathroom humor … literally. You've been warned.

How Carnistir Fixed the Towel Rack )

Just after Fëanor's birth, before Míriel's condition is revealed, Finwë is tormented by unease. A perfect hundred-word drabble.

Nonsense )

Still more daily drabbles/ficlets/whateverthehelltheyare ...

It is said that Amandil set sail in a small ship at night, and steered first eastward, and then went about and passed into the west. And he took with him three servants, dear to his heart, and never again were they heard of by word or sign in this world, nor is there any tale or guess of their fate.

The fate of Amandil …

This Place )

Fëanor and Finwë argue about the Valar. I've intended something of a chaotic feel to this piece; Finwë is only reluctantly coming to the realization that something is afoot. This will culminate, of course, with Fëanor's exile from Tirion and the Valar taking Finwë's right to make the decision concerning the fate of his son and subject.

Blindness )

Maedhros on the plasticity of memory following Angband. Please note: This double drabble contains violence, not quite enough to warrant an adult rating but enough that I ask readers to tread with care.

None Need Know )

Fëanor replies to Finwë from Monday's double drabble Blindness about his growing mistrust of the Valar.

Perspective )

Maedhros on the day that Celegorm and Curufin arrive in Himring after being banished from Nargothrond. A double drabble.

The Calm Before )

The attempt to back up all of my daily drabbles on my LJ continues. I know that these are not new for most of my flist; for those who might read them for the first time, I hope you enjoy!

My daily-drabble project is on SWG here. It's updated daily ... more or less. ;)

On the way to Alqualondë, Fëanor thinks on the Silmarils. It has always been my private theory that part of Fëanor's obsessive pursuit came with the association of the theft of the Silmarils with Finwë's murder, almost as though to resolve the first would also resolve the second. This drabble explores this idea.

Longing for Light )

Today is Friday the 13th, and today's word deals with a phobia more irrational than most (and phobias are inherently irrational). So today's tribble--exactly 300 words--deals with what appears at first glance to be borne of paranoia and irrationality, a misgiving that leads to the creation of the Silmarils. This idea is expressed in The Silmarillion:

In that time were made those things that afterwards were most renowned of all the works of the Elves. For Fëanor, being come to his full might, was filled with a new thought, or it may be that some shadow of foreknowledge came to him of the doom that drew near; and he pondered how the light of the Trees, the glory of the Blessed Realm, might be preserved imperishable.
Irrational )

Fëanor, it seems, has taken over the daily drabble. Today's tribble again features him, but when the Word of the Day means "fruitful and productive," then who else but Fëanor comes to mind?

I've always believed that Fëanor was a difficult, demanding father but nonetheless adoring of his children. In fact, I spent an entire novel developing this idea. Today's piece looks at the same in the more reasonable length of 300 hundred words.

But a Stone )

Today's word is a funny one, so I've made an attempt at a humor piece. Celegorm cleans his room, in 200 words.

Housecleaning )

Today's tribble (300 words) is dual-purposed. For one, it is inspired by the Word of the Day, bibelot. For another, it is dedicated with fondest wishes to Cheryl, who asked for a birthday drabble called "Wet Elves." Well, it's only one wet Elf and I've chosen a different title, but I hope that it suffices. Happy birthday, my dear!

Eärwen watches her soon-to-be husband construct a special gift for her on the beach of Alqualondë.

Love in Pearls (a.k.a. Wet Elves) )

The Small and Secret Things is my daily-drabble project on SWG. Because I really should have these things saved somewhere other than SWG (as, indeed, I preach to SWG members about their own work), then I am putting them up here as well. Hopefully, every few days, I'll be able to catch up and post a few more.

Nerdanel remembers life before the Darkening and her estrangement from Fëanor. This is a weird tribble (300 words) with some darker themes but nothing graphic. It was inspired by Noliel's much brighter Swinging in the Rain for Seven in '07.

There Was Long Ago a Tree )

Maedhros on acclimating to Himring after life in Tirion.

Difficult )

Finwë considers Míriel's sacrifice for Fëanor. This loss--a husband's loss of his wife on an occasion supposed to be joyous--has always been to me one of the most tragic tales of The Silmarillion. My stories never quite do it justice … but I keep coming back to it nonetheless.

Exchanged Aborning )

Maedhros gives Rochallor to Fingolfin. This particular detail is not canon, but Maedhros did gift horses to the people of Fingolfin:

Of those horses many of the sires came from Valinor, and they were given to Fingolfin by Maedhros in atonement of his losses, for they had been carried by ship to Losgar.
-"Of Beleriand and Its Realms"

This piece consists of six hundred-word drabbles.

The Gift Horse )

Turgon contemplates the building of Gondolin. I have tried for an archaic, slightly overwrought style in this one because, well, today's word is archaic! It seemed fitting. Since I will soon be writing Turgon, it seemed the perfect opportunity to test his voice, which, in my mind is (you guessed it) archaic and slightly overwrought.

This piece is a quadrabble: exactly 400 words.

A City in Light )

And that's that for tonight. I'm tired and I'm sure my flist is quite full of Spam™ done drabble-style. :)

The Small and Secret Things is my daily-drabble project on SWG, based on the Word of the Day. Because I really should have these things saved somewhere other than SWG (as, indeed, I preach to SWG members about their own work), then I am putting them up here as well. Hopefully, every few days, I'll be able to catch up and post a few more.

The betrothal of Arafinwë and Eärwen. I tried here to capture the languor of Alqualondë in contrast to Arafinwë's restless anxiety at waiting for Eärwen's reply. This was tough ... in just 100 words!

Evening in Alqualondë )

Maedhros on standing up to Fëanor about burning the ships at Losgar. This moment has always had significance to me, for it is the first indication of Maedhros's understanding of the need--and power--of unity between the Noldor. Yet it also is the first proof of how the strife between the princes of the Noldor will forever damn their quest against Morgoth. It is a portent of many things to come.

The Failure of Logic )

Fingolfin tries to understand his half-brother's elusive affection. I have tried to use my "Nolofinwë voice" for this one: economical and to-the-point, focusing on physical (versus emotional) observations.

I totally blame Fëanáro for making him that way. ;)

A Study of Curufinwë )

I've never been a huge fan of the Valar, but I have always (oddly) possessed a weak spot for Námo "Named After My Halls" Mandos. It is always fun to try to get into the mind of someone strong (or cruel) enough to bear seeing the future and knowing that he can do nothing about it. Here, he watches the Eldar arrive in Aman.

The Venerated )

A double-drabble where Celegorm remembers his friendship with Oromë before he swears the Oath of the Fëanorians. I often ponder which son went first and which went last; in my mind, I often change their roles and try to develop the motives for each choice. It could make an interesting series of stories someday. In the meanwhile, it's a fun characterization exercise at least!

Torchlight )

More Drabbles

Dec. 27th, 2006 09:47 pm
dawn_felagund: Skeleton embracing young girl (Default)
For [ profile] heartofoshun is a strange quibble featuring a possibly-crazy Maglor, a decidedly weird Maedhros, and a lifetime of memories that might explain why Maglor chose the fate that he did.

Evidence Of )

For my dear friend Jenni are three double-drabbles about her two favorite Elves. Jenni requested Fingon and Caranthir, together. Not in that way…unless I wanted that, of course. Jenni, being one of the few people who I will unequivocally agree has a dirtier mind than me, certainly would not mind.

Well, odd pairings are always a fun challenge, so I went for it. Hence, this is a slash story. Not a graphic slash story but slash all the same. Therefore, it is not advisable to read it if you object to slash.

Spent on Joy )
“Shattered” is a series of three double-drabbles about the relationship between Fëanor and Finwë, a relationship that is characterized by a charming blend of betrayal and obsessive love and culminates in exiles, heretic oaths, and kinslaying. This series is dedicated to [ profile] aramel_calawen, who understands as well as anyone the power of angsty Finwions.

Shattered )

For [ profile] mirien is a quadrabble about hatred between two cousins. And passion.

This story is set just before Fëanor’s exile and is about the relationship that might have existed at this time between Maedhros and Fingon. It was written to have two meanings. If you take the first meaning, at face value, then it is simply a dark story about friendship turned to animosity.

If you choose to look at it from the second angle, then that “animosity” was spurred by a different sort of passion.

This is a slash story. If you do not like slash, do us both a favor and skip this one. It is not graphic, but it is dark and not for the faint of heart.

Hatred )
Because I've been so busy, I haven't been able to post my gift drabbles on time, even though in some cases their written and waiting. There just aren't enough hours in the day. But here are the past two days' worth as well as today's.

[ profile] oloriel asked for Feanorians and also admitted to a recent fascination with Maedhros’s captivity in Angband. For me, this is an ongoing fascination, so I took this idea and ran with it. Though it might seem a bit odd of an addition to a collection of stories to be given as gifts for the holidays, I have written about the captivity of Maedhros from the strange perspective of Caranthir.

In my storyverse, Caranthir is able to sense the spirits and thoughts of others. I use this idea in “The Space between Hearts.”

The idea of using a black bar to represent a word was originally done (to the best of my knowledge) in a short story by Joyce Carol Oates.

This story is dark and disturbing and contains violent images. Sensitive and squeamish readers should tread with care.

The Space between Hearts )

For [ profile] allie_meril is a quadrabble—exactly four hundred words—about Nerdanel. In this quadrabble, she gives her father the surprising news that she has gone away and married a high prince without first seeking his permission.

Eru's Blessing )

A long while ago, [ profile] appoggiato won the Spot the Bad Pun contest that I’d had for a chapter in AMC. Her prize was a story of her choice, and she asked for a story about Maglor during the happier times of the Fëanorian family. I’ve still yet to write the story, but I offer four drabbles in the meantime about Maglor during one of the happier times of his childhood. (And I will one day actually finish the full story!)

From the Doors of Night )
As many of you know, my holiday story project for 2006 is to write thirty-one (at least) series of fixed-length ficlets based on the requests and preferences of friends. Because I have been away since December 1st, I am a bit behind on posting, so I am going to post the first five days all at once.

Additionally, this series will be posted at HASA (members' side) and the Pit of Voles.

This first drabble series “Curiosity” was written for Angaloth, who I know fancies Fëanor and Nerdanel above all others. It is a series of three hundred-word drabbles about what might have first inspired their love…and led to their demise.

This series contains some very mild sexuality but should be suitable for teenaged and adult audiences.

Curiosity )

This series is for [ profile] ladyelleth, who asked about how Nerdanel and Fëanor perceived their strange fourth-born son Caranthir. In the Felakverse that I use in the majority of my stories, Caranthir has the special gift of osanwë—or mind-speak—and perceives people interestingly as a result. While he remains dark and strange, his special gift also gives him extraordinary insight into the hearts and minds of those closest to him. This series of four double-drabbles explores this idea.

Strange )

“Effortless” was written for [ profile] angelica_ramses. Earlier this year, we had a conversation about my character of Maedhros (Nelyo) in my stories Another Man’s Cage and “Essecarmë” and his quiet strength that I have tried to capture in these stories. While Maedhros has done his share of noble deeds, equally important—and probably more difficult—was the task of reuniting the Noldor and playing damage control for his little brothers.

Yet the conundrum always arises that what is most skillfully done seems to be most easily done. This series of four drabbles explores this idea, from the point of view of Maglor.

For readers unfamiliar with my other stories, Vingarië is Maglor’s wife.

Effortless )

This series of three double-drabbles was written for Ellfine, who is a fellow Finarfinatic and believes—as I do—that he was not the wimpy, soft-hearted king of fanon lore. “Sense of Swords” follows Finarfin through his decision to travel to Middle-earth at the end of the First Age to join his people in fighting Morgoth. The line about this in The Silmarillion is rather ambiguous about whether he joined the other Noldor in this battle, but I like to think that he did.

Sense of Swords )

My dear friend [ profile] rhapsody11 adores Celegorm and Maglor, so gifts for her always involve trying to fit them together into a story. In “Of Love, Mischief, and Flowery Prose,” young Celegorm realizes the gravity of the pranks that he plays on his older brother Maglor and seeks atonement for his misdeeds.

The relationship that might have existed between these two contrary brothers is a source of endless speculation for me “Of Love, Mischief, and Flowery Prose” is set during the same year as my novel Another Man’s Cage, so Celegorm is equivalent to a seven-year-old and Maglor is a young adolescent. The ficlet is a quibble, so it is exactly five hundred words.

Happy Sinterklaas, Rhapsody, and thank you for all that you do!

Of Love, Mischief, and Flowery Prose )
Do your eyes deceive you? No! I have done a daily drabble again!

(Perhaps I should rename it the Occasional Drabble?)

Only it's not a drabble; it's actually 250 words. My mind can't even begin to conjure a name for this. (This from the woman who coined "drabunculus.")

So here, first, is the word of the day:

Word of the Day for 28 April 2006--'provenance' )

You are welcome to take this speaker to be whomever you want. I hear him as Maedhros, mostly because I'm a hopeless Maedhros fangurl. (I'm not going to pretend otherwise or attempt to conjure some pretentious reason.)

The Source of All Things )
I had all intentions of doing a four-drabble series on Monday and catching up from there, but alas, real life intervened. Between dealing with my car and an unexpected shower of warrants from the Warrant Gods and trying to finish my hubby's ghost story in time for his birthday, the drabble went the way of the dodo. Then yesterday's word was "cum." Cum! No, not meant in that way, but it's not a word I was willing to use in a drabble. Call me crazy. But today's word is simply too good to pass up. So consider this the resurrection (again) of the daily drabble.

Word of the Day for 6 April 2006--hobbledehoy )

This day's drabble is Maedhros and Fingon. In a friendly context, people! (Jenni and Alina, I can see your raised eyebrows and hear you thinking, "I just bet they were friendly!") You're welcome to interpret any subtext that you want, but I meant it as "friendly" in the non-nefarious sense, for once. Really.

This after I noticed a typo in the earlier paragraph: "This day's drabble is Maedhros in Fingon." Just low blood sugar. Nothing nefarious. Really.

Reunion )
Obviously, I missed the daily drabble yesterday. I was a busy girl, finishing AMC and doing beta-stuff (and some work too...really!) and then utterly exhausted for my last two hours at work. So I thought it better to wait until today and do the words some justice.

Just a reminder to those who want to play along with the daily drabble, you can get the words at or through the [ profile] dictionary_wotd LJ feed.

So, without further ado, the words for yesterday and today are:

Word of the Day for 24 March 2006--stolid )

Word of the Day for 25 March 2006--metier )

Today's double-drabble incorporates both words and is built off of the Felak!verse notion that Maedhros is skilled in the arts of diplomacy, something not as obvious in his father.

Destiny )
[ profile] sirielle asked for a story about Maedhros remembering the tales Finwe told the boys about Cuivienen and his adventures there, either in Aman or in Sirion. Well, I didn't quite manage Sirion, but I got Aman and Middle-earth, at the rising of the the Silmaril in the West.

I'm keeping this story at a general rating, although please be forewarned that there is some icky violence in this story.

Memories of Cuiviénen ) 
[ profile] frenchpony shares my difficulty in expressing specifics as to gifts, so her request for "something Tolkien that you think I'd like" is one that I sympathize with. :) I hope I've done an acceptable job!

A while back, we had a discussion about the father-names of the F
ëanorian boys and how it might have been received with fifth-born Curufinwë was given the same name as his father. Nothing in canon, so far as I know, tells whether it was an honor to bear the same name as one's father, but I can't help but think that it might have been a special honor. And so this story, from Macalaurë's point-of-view, is what might have happened at the naming of Curufinwë.

This story is rated general; and I have no warnings to express. It seems I've behaved for once! Enjoy!

Essecarmë )

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