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Wot? Dawn making three posts in a week?? Yes indeedy, but don't get too excited; this was my whole week off between semesters so I have time for this. Online university is awesome in that you can sit on your duff in pink and yellow plaid PJs and leopard-print slippers while drinking wassail and "attending class" (not that I've ever done that *ahem*), but less awesome in that there are no holidays, no breaks; the professors might be nice enough to bump back assignment due dates for biggies like Christmas but not necessarily. (None of my undergrad professors did last year; most of my grad professors did this year. Weird.) So I'm living it up this week because, come Monday, it's back to breakneck pace.

Anyway, I got the last of my grades back today and *drumrrrrroll* I would make my namesake Hermione proud. I got a 100% in Educational Psychology. (Which I damn sight should have gotten since my BA is in psychology! Anything less would be an embarrassment.) I did a bit poorer in Intro to Curriculum and Instruction and Secondary Teaching Strategies: only a 99.8% in those classes. I must work harder next semester.

The only thing irksome about this is that the only non-A grade I've gotten at my current university was an A- in ... the Tolkien class I took last fall. I'm still pissed about that because it had nothing to do with what I knew or how much effort I put in (quite a bit on the former and scads on the latter) but with tricksey gotcha! grading. The professor himself said of my writing, "This is graduate-level work!" (It was an undergraduate class.) And then gave me an A- based on a true-false exam where several of his own questions he answered incorrectly. Fark.

I don't usually pay much mind to LJ's Writer's Block since it is little more than an excuse to push more ads on those of us who have Basic accounts, but today's was actually pretty decent, so what the hell. I am living it up this week and haven't done an m-word in hella days.

Has anyone ever unfriended you without explanation? Did you ask why? Have you ever deleted someone from your friend list without saying why? )
Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all of Teh Flist who celebrate it!

Thanksgiving is Bobby's and my holiday in the Family Holiday Cycle, so it has been a busy week for us. On top of that, it was the last week of my first semester, so I had two major essays due today that I have been working on for the past three weeks. I am writing this now because I just turned in the last one, and this is (one of) my promised rewards. :)

So ... first things first: Thanksgiving. Went great. Bobby and I love to cook and love to experiment even more with recipes, so we really enjoy having the honor of cooking for Thanksgiving each year. Our respective families contributed dishes as well; Bobby and I handled the rest.

Food pr0n below the cut! )

The other cool thing about our dinner was that the turkey and the veggies were all local. Bobby and I made up our minds early in the year that we wanted to do this, so we bought enough of different veggies in season (like the sweet corn) to freeze it for Thanksgiving. Others--like the squash and apples--are in-season now and came from local farms.

The turkey, which I named Sarah, was also from Manchester.

Because our menu was a little on the ambitious side, Bobby and I have been shopping and chopping for Thanksgiving all week. It was worth it, though; at one point, as Bobby and I went last to fill our plates, the noise from the dining room was complete *silence.* We had actually silenced our families! That is a feat along the lines of silencing the Niagra Falls!

Cut to keep my misbehaving family from making this post non-work-safe )

In all, it was a fun night. Bobby and I retired to the basement after everyone had left (and we had finished cleaning the dishes) and put on Home Alone and fell asleep about halfway through.

Because, as though cooking a massive dinner for nine wasn't enough to occupy me this week, my first semester ended this week, so I had two major research papers due. School Blathering )

Anyway, because Thanksgiving was rather late this year, I was confused into thinking that I had a week off before I start my next semester. Nope! I start on Monday. So all the big plans I had to get stuff done for the SWG and SCA and beta-reading and so on will have to share my attention with schoolwork again sooner rather than later. My classes for the next semester are Women Writers, English Literature 18th Century to the Present, American Poetry, and African-American Literature. I am looking forward to all of them and only dreading American Poetry; I am not very comfortable with poetry beyond the Renaissance! I am going into that one hoping to focus more on literature I've neglected terribly and learn a lot.

So it seems I'm only freeeeee! for two more days, but I plan on making the most of them!
Cut for the Utter Dullness of It All )

This reminds me: Does anyone have an Hermione icons they don't mind sharing (with full credit, of course) or know where I can find any? I'd like one or several for my school posts, besides that Hermione is my favorite HP character so I should have one or several anyway. 8^)

And, most importantly, I'm shit lately for replying to emails and comments. If anyone wants/needs an immediate reply from me, email is still the best way. I still read my email several times a day, I just don't have time to reply right away, more often than not. My apologies for any unintended rudeness.
I do believe that if Dante had contrived a tenth circle of Hell in his Inferno, then it would have required those being punished to endlessly endure the process of getting enrolled in and financial aid for a university. It would have required them to deal continuously with cotton-brained administrative staff with very long fingernails. It would have involved numerous phone calls, holds, transfers, and listening to many prepared statements read in bored voices and, of course, would cap off every time with gratitude for understanding and patience that they don't actually feel at all.

Grousing )
I told off my coworker Diane today. Diane is a pain in my ass. She doesn't know her job; she doesn't do her job...and she has the nerve to harass me more about stupid stuff than anyone else in the unit. I asked Johnny's permission to tell her off. Johnny said, "Go ahead!" and came over to lean on my partition to listen.

It's So Stupid... )

Then Bobby called the Dean of Science at the university to complain about how poorly our entrance into the second bachelor's program has been managed. The House of Felagund wouldn't leave anyone alone today!

And the Verdict Was... )
Because I've spent the day dividing my attention between catching up on beta-work and watching football, I lack the coherence to string together, like, actual paragraphs....

Life in Points )
I like these sorts of posts, when I can ramble about all good things and have nothing to rant and cry about. Well, I can always find something to rant and cry about, but at the moment, life is good.

Life Is Good! :) )

By the way, if you requested a postcard from me from Puerto Rico, I've finally mailed them! I managed to remember to bring them to work today and stopped at the Jessup post office, which is so much nicer than the one in Ellicott City. Or, the people who work there are nicer. The guy who helped me was actually from Puerto Rico, so we spent about five minutes chatting about the island before another customer came in. Sorry that they took so long to send, but they're on their way! Surely some of you have noticed by now that I am a bit slow in organizing the various steps of tasks. I had the cards written within two days of my return but collecting addresses and dealing with the post office took me this long! Sad, ain't it? that Bobby and I are going back to school.

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