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Nov. 4th, 2012

As I announced yesterday, the SWG archive now accepts podfics, which is something my comods and I have been working on off-and-on for a few months now. I'm excited about this possibility, even though I have no idea how popular it will be. It's a technology that has intrigued me for a while now, so I hope others will be interested in learning and working with it. I started working with Audacity a few months ago when I was initially talking with Erurainon about setting up a Silmarillion podcast, which I assume has fallen by the wayside due to his school obligations. (I haven't heard from him in a while.) But I learned Audacity at the time and even recorded a few podfics for him, for use in the eventual podcast.

I wanted to work on recording some of my own but, of course, other things took precedence, as is the story of my life, but introducing podfics on the SWG gave me the nudge I needed to finally record one of my stories. And so, I present the MP3 podfic of Paper, written and read by yours truly. "Paper" is summarized on the SWG as, "Curufin escapes to the realms of fantasy to escape the pressures of his family and discovers the thrill of first love." It's one of my earliest stories but the right length, content, and tone for my first stab at putting my voice out on the Interwebz. It can be listened to or downloaded on the SWG archive.

It ended up taking up me about three hours all together to record--spread over yesterday and today--which isn't too bad, since I also had to re-learn Audacity.

So there. Anyone who wanted to see the new section of the site in action, there you have it! I hope, at the least, that we'll get some recommendations for our monthly podfic and maybe even a few brave readers? :)

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