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Last night, I finished the big research paper on Beowulf that I've been writing for grad school. I finished it two weeks and one day before it was due--woohoo! I worked my butt off over winter break to make that possible, in hopes that I will actually have some spare time during January before my next class starts in February. (That spare time will probably be eaten up by getting ready for Back to Middle-earth Month, but such is life!) And I'm really pleased with the paper too.

Second good thing: the Broncos beat the Steelers tonight! w0000000t! Yes, I know there are nice Steelers' fans out there, but in our area, they're almost universally obnoxious. Case in point: Bobby went snowboarding today, so we went out to the Greene Turtle to grab dinner when he got home and to catch the end of the game. Per usual, there were a handful of Steelers' fans there. Now I'm all for cheering and celebrating when one's team does something nifty, but shrieking at the top of one's lungs at every good play the Steelers make is a bit over-the-top for me. As is making loud statements like, "Suckit, Ravens' fans!" in a restaurant while people are eating. Anyway, Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas made short work of overtime after the Steelers tied it up near the end of the game; Tebow threw a gorgeous pass that Thomas ran 80 yards down to end the game. I had just been complaining about the seemingly unnecessarily convoluted new NFL overtime rules (they actually do make sense; I just like complaining about the NFL), but I stopped complaining after that. So I'm a newly minted Tim Tebow fan, but that will be short-lived, I promise. I have no problem with people believing in a personal god (so long as they respect my right not to) but do think people who believe said personal god gives a woof about the outcome of a football game to be rather foolish.

The Ravens play the Texans next Sunday at home. I think things look really good for us. 1) We are more than a season undefeated at home. 2) We are undefeated this season against every team we played with a winning record. 3) We are undefeated in our division, which is the hardest division in the NFL. (Three of four teams in the division made the playoffs.)

Okay, off to watch a documentary about bees--woo! What an exciting life!

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