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Mount Hor has a terrible name. Apparently, Mount Hor is also a mountain in the Bible, and I suppose it was named after that; I haven't been able to find anything about the history behind the name and can't fathom why you'd name a mountain "Mount Hor" without precedent. So Mount Hor is like the poor kid in school who gets assigned a storied, ancestral, and absolutely awful name: Benjamin Dover or Michael Hunt or Richard Lipshitz. And amid the teasing and the alienation that comes from a decision completely outside his control, he has to deal with the "But your great-great-grandfather the Civil War hero was named Benjamin Dover!" LIKE THAT MAKES IT OKAY. (I got relentlessly teased for the last name Walls, for pity's sake! Kids are senseless and cruel!) So poor, poor Mount Hor.

All this to say that yesterday, Bobby and I hiked Mount Hor. It is in what I term The Willoughby Complex but have since learned has the official name of the Northeastern Highlands of VermontTM. This means that they are not technically part of Vermont's Green Mountains! We have already hiked the two larger mountains in the area--Bald Mountain and Mount Pisgah--and I hiked Haystack Mountain* with my school.

*Which, until I learned its real name, I had named Boob Mountain because it looks like a boob in profile! The Willoughby area brings out the middle-schooler in the best of us.

The Willoughby Complex/Northeastern Highlands of VermontTM easily offer the most dramatic landscapes in a region of dramatic landscapes. The gap between the mountains Pisgah and Hor was ripped open by a retreating glacier, leaving Vermont's second deepest lake (the deepest being Lake Champlain) and dramatic cliffs pressing the lake shores on both sides.

The hikes to the summits of Pisgah and especially Bald Mountain were rather steep and rugged. (They are considered "moderate" in our Vermont hiking book, lol!) I expected much the same of Hor, but the mile-long (1.6 km) ascent to the summit was steep but not nearly as rugged, which made for a much nicer climb. I can pace myself on long ascents--this is why I'm good at snowshoeing--but scrambling rocks makes me tense and fatigues me very quickly. The hike to the top offers three different views: to the south and west from the summit overlook (looking toward the Greens) and two overlooks looking to the south of Willoughby and the northeast of Willoughby that are accessed by a flat trail that runs along the lake-facing edge of the mountain. This hike was pleasant enough that it's one I would strongly recommend for the Mereth Aderthad, because it is doable for someone in moderately good shape, even without experience hiking in the mountains. (For the truly adventurous, Bobby and I will take you to the fire tower at the top of Bald Mountain! :D)

If you want to SEE what I mean about Hor, click for pictures! )
While warning [ profile] ann_arien about the dangers of drabble addiction (and, yes, it does exist; I am surprised that the government hasn't started a coalition), [ profile] digdigil mentioned that she missed the daily drabble. Remember those days? When Dawn Felagund would spam your flists with a drabble every day?

Well, it's back.

My muses are officially back, so I'm going to restart the daily drabble. They're excited. I'm excited. And it's also the first day of Spring (although Maryland doesn't know it, with temperatures hovering around freezing this morning) and one of my favorite days of the year, so it seems a fitting start for the season.

For Those of You Who Need a Reminder, This Is How the Daily Drabble Works.... )
Here, then, is the word of the day for 20 March, the first day of Spring.

Word of the Day for 20 March 2006--paragon )

The Fate of Flowers )

Next comes a double-drabble (drubble?) in the spirit of Spring, about Maedhros' first spring after his captivity upon Thangorodrim. It has a very original title.

Also, I did something along these same lines for autumn, called "Awakening".

First Spring )

I'm dedicating this next one to my pals [ profile] ann_arien and [ profile] digdigil for their wonderful friendship, everlasting patience with me, and constant inspiration (and perviness). If you happen to read a little subtext into this one, well, so be it.... >;^)

Spring in Himring )

Am I addicted? Noooo, not me....

This last one is not a fanfic. I repeat: not a fanfic. Please suppress your gasps, you are frightening the muses.

Well, if you would like to believe that it is a fanfic, we will say that it is Macalaure speaking to Vingarie.

If you would like to believe that it is not a fanfic, we will say that it is Dawn speaking to her husband.

Either way: Bobby, this one is for you.

Sunshine )

And it's Spring! I'll be updating throughout the day with drabbles about Spring and the themes associated with Spring, and I invite you all to join me.
Because today is the Autumnal Equinox, I have decided to forgo my normal "Word of the Day" drabble and, instead, write drabbles about the season and themes of autumn.

Tomorrow, I will use today's word and tomorrow's to write a pair of related drabbles. (And, no, this is not just an excuse to write a drabble series!)

I will begin posting drabbles as soon as I have them and continue posting the whole day through. I have an evening off tonight and, besides some housework, will be spending some quality time with my muses.

Also, I encourage any friends who might be interested to write and post autumn drabbles. I would love you to leave them in a comment or give me a link to them, if you do! They needn't be about The Silmarillion, of course (as my husband writes absolutely delightful medieval drabbles!) If the inspiration seizes you, run with it.

Awakening )

Oh, good Eru! ::sputtersputter:: I have written a Fourth Age drabble?! [ profile] juno_magic, what have you done to me???

This is probably so totally wrong because I've never written anything past the First Age before. Please excuse my (certain) blunders....

Dignity )

First Autumn in Exile )

Joy )

To Celebrate Burning )

Beauty Wrought )

Fire and Madness )
Today is the Autumnal Equinox--the first day of fall--and I have been so busy in discussions of pornography and Miriel's fate (what a mix!) that I haven't even had time to say:

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Musings about Autumn )

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