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So in the ramble meme, [profile] engarian asked for:

I'm curious about what you (and Bobby) see as your goals for the next few years of your life, looking ahead from the perspective of your youth. Do you (and Bobby) think you'll stand firm on those goals for yourself(ves) or do you see yourself(ves) being more malleable and able to move as circumstances arise?

This afternoon, I interviewed Bobby in the kitchen, who originally thought I was pretty weird when I asked him where he saw himself in five years and made him talk into a pretend microphone. But he caught on pretty quickly!

If I synthesize what he said and what I've been thinking about (knowing this post was coming up) ... Read more... )
Last Friday was World Farm Animals Day, so I'm a bit late but wanted to post about it and some of my more recent mental meanderings on the subject of using animals for food.

The Skeptical Vegetarian Rambles )
Quick note before I get to work for the day ...

My first article has been published on Suite101. It is on sustainable vegetarianism (written at the same time as I wrote my post on the same subject the other day.) I will be doing a series on this topic, as well as a series on setting up an online fiction archive and odd articles on Tolkien's mythology. (Of course. ;)

Anyone who cares to read it can find it here:

Sustainable Vegetarianism: Eating Sustainably without Meat

Now back to work! We're seeing Scythian tonight, so I need to finish my articles on time!
Today is the sixteenth anniversary of my decision to become a vegetarian, made at the tender age of twelve while reading Ingrid Newkirk's Save the Animals! at my cousin's graduation party. I like to commemorate my "vegiversary" (as I used to call it when I was a kid) by writing about my experiences with vegetarianism and the animal welfare movement; however, I've only managed once to actually post those reflections on LJ, thanks to the draconian Internet use policies at my former job. So to celebrate the first day of the former part, I am once again posting about vegetarianism to commemorate sixteen meat-free years.

Vegetarianism vs. Sustainability )

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